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PKGProtein Kinase G
PKGPrivate Key Generator
PKGPrivate-Key Generator (internet encryption)
PKGPublic Key Generation (computers)
PKGPenalty Kick Goals Scored (soccer)
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Barbara Derbyshire recalled working summers in a lemon packing house, using her earnings to pay for nursing school.
Commercial llama packing companies charge about $100 a day per person for a trip, including food and gear.
The most common problem encountered after nasal surgery is bleeding, as nasal mucosa is one of the most vascular structures of the body being richly supplied by the internal and external carotid system making post-operative nasal packing essential in most cases3.
PACKING FOR PICNIC: Store spread in a sealable plastic container in refrigerator until ready to pack into a cold cooler.
Always use a packing that is non-hardening, non-abrasive, and is as easy to remove as it is to install.
ERROR-PROOF PACKING To see the connection between n-dimensional sphere packing and error-correcting codes, imagine that Alice wants to transmit a message to Bob via radio signals.
Nasal packing, septal splints, and quilting sutures work well in this regard, although each has its disadvantages.
Because the packing tray waits until an entire layer is assembled before inserting it into the box, the system can run "slowly and carefully," as Forrester puts it.
The need of food machine and packing machine is prosperous, which arouses the development of food machinery industry.
In 1611, Johannes Kepler proposed that identical spheres can crowd together no more tightly than oranges do in a grocer's stack, a formation called face-centered cubic packing.
A last thought from Dale: ``When packing food for the Bowl, don't get too involved.
When epistaxis cannot be controlled with cautery, nasal packing is the most common next step.