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PAEANPanel on Atmospheric Effects of Aviation
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The couple are keen cooks and had eagerly devoured Living and Eating, Pawson's evangelical paean to good food and the minimum lifestyle.
Lennon's paean to peace is in reality an invitation to death and he, Lennon, an architect of the culture of death.
For a libertarian to write a paean to the virtues of giving up the citizen's basic right to privacy in favor of the consumer's basic desire for convenience--to, in effect, embrace the excess, irrelevance, and triviality that Huxley warned about and which is inherent to any culture of consumption such as ours--makes me think that Huxley was right.
I switched on the national news, and they cut from another unctuous paean to Reagan to a story on the Laci Peterson trial and I actually heard myself mutter out loud, "Thank God.
The book seems Francocentric and, although the author declared the contributions of "the artist" to be irrelevant, he cannot resist inserting a paean to Vermeer (whose own religious belief is a matter of debate), as "perhaps the greatest artist of all time," in the chapter on the Protestant palette.
The early critical history of Hamlet is often a paean to Shakespeare as a writer who invests his characters with a life-like self.
Lest you think this is just a paean to the wonders of Blackhawk, you should know that the company is far from perfect.
Largely a paean to IBM, which at the time was the most powerful company on earth, this highly readable book was unimaginably successful, getting quoted, imitated, and praised everywhere by everybody as soon as it appeared.
The Independent writer Paul Vallely described it as `a paean to the God responsible for a world of beauty, with a sting-in-the-tale (sic) admonition for those who see the former and fail to make the connection to the God who made it'.
This half-hour paean to the glories of wild rivers and wild trout is presented in the form of a Holy Trinity of its finest examples: the intermountain West's Madison, Big Hole, and Yellowstone.
or was the dream-- this hymm, this ecstatic paean, this woven music of color and form, of the sense of airy space-- was the dream showing forth the power of memory now, today or at any moment of need?
This episode reveals how director Richard O'Brien's paean to old-school horror films found a fiercely devoted audience and became the longest-running movie of all time.