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PAPYRUSPen and Paper Input Recognition Using Script
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He said it was "one of the best libraries of waste papyrus that would otherwise have been thrown away so it includes information about these individual people and their everyday lives".
It describes conserving the collection; its writing materials, samples of languages written on papyrus, school texts, and texts related to pregnancy, birth, learning a trade, marriage, housing, census registration, sacrificing to the gods, misfortune, death, after death, and drawings; texts in various archives; papyri found during excavations of the site of ancient Karanis; and the future of the collection.
We want to raise money for PAPYRUS, and in the future I would love to help others by opening a satellite PAPYRUS office in this area.
A Papyrus adaptive case management implementation was selected to achieve a primary goal of efficient control and management of outsourcing contracts and marketing activities, as well as vendor costs.
Ce papyrus a ete signale pour la premiere fois par Serge Sauneron suite a ses recherches dans ce musee (S.
For Israel's government, the papyrus is a rebuttal to Unesco, the UN scientific and cultural organisation, which is regarded by many Israelis as hostile.
The fashion designer collaboration series is a celebration of the commitment Papyrus has to the arts, including a focus on the fashion industry, quality craftsmanship and trend-forward design," said Christy Kaprosy, president of Papyrus-Recycled Greetings, which is a division of American Greetings Corp.
The statement said the school "is therefore grateful to the many scholars, scientists, technicians, and journalists who have devoted their expertise to understanding the background and meaning of the papyrus fragment.
Papyrus is the flagship brand of Schurman Retail Group, founded in 1950 as an importer of European paper products.
We will be featuring both Recycled Paper Greetings and Papyrus, alongside our parent company American Greetings, at Total Store Expo [Booth 1333]," says Jensen.
Even today, more than a century after they uncovered them, the papyrus rolls and codices Grenfell and Hunt dug out of that rubbish have continued to be scrutinised and copied and published.