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XXXTentacion's disdain for Drake using Jamaican patois is just the latest problem the rapper has with Drizzy.
Case in point is the Chips Oman burger, a local riff on that burger from Patois.
Jolas's theoretical and aesthetic interests in lingual fusion came largely as a result of his lifelong immersion in the patois of Europe and the Americas.
Since I've been mingling with my French friend and since the patois is close to the French .
As if these kids didn't have little enough chance in life as it is, speaking a patois derived from some of the most pointless countries in the world is hardly going to help.
With 12 years of teaching experience, the playwright shows she has a keen ear for the rhythms of playground patois.
The Rev Courtney Stewart, General Secretary of the West Indies Bible Society, who has managed the translation project, insisted the new Bible demonstrates the power of patois.
Others raised concerns about the patois language used by the show's characters.
Rastamouse speaks in a Jamaican patois, or accent, using phrases like "me wan go" (I want to go), "irie" (happy), and "wagwan?
The latest is the darkly amusing Wah Do Dem, whose title is Jamaican patois for What They Do.
The activities included storytelling, patois language lessons, nature walks, cooking, limbo and reggae dancing, as well as snorkelling and beach Olympics.
So much archaic Anglo-Indian patois is used that a glossary is sorely missed, and the maps are hopeless, missing many of the places he visited.