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PTLMPatrolman (police officer)
PTLMPressure-Tube Life Management
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The patrolman however stressed that as it is only staffed by one or two officers they may have been out on the job.
Patrolman Wilson entered the living room of the house where he observed a female victim lying on her back with a male suspect kneeling on top of her.
As an indication of their relationship, Beyer constantly rubs her horse's neck and talks to him as if he's another patrolman.
Between the time I purchased that Highway Patrolman and headed for Keith Country nine years later, three other Smith & Wessons were added to my shooting collection.
A North East AA patrolman is flying the flag for the region in a national awards ceremony.
AS an RAC patrolman, Dave Goodall is used to dealing with all kinds of situations.
A man who shot a patrolman at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport yesterday (27 April) was killed by another officer.
The latter is where the movie's most distinctive patrolman, hard-partying but dedicated Liu Dong (Qi Liang), likes to hang.
Birmingham's most famous bank manager is in danger of losing his crown as the King of TV adverts if RAC patrolman Andy Fuller gets his way.
1955 also marked the first full sales year for Smith & Wesson's revolutionary Highway Patrolman, which debuted in 1954.
But the Shropshire patrolman had the skills to enter the motor in a trice.
RAC Swansea patrolman Dave Batcup really is a knight of the road.