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PEGPolyethylene Glycol
PEGPoly (Ethylene Glycol)
PEGPercutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
PEGPCI Express Graphics
PEGPublic, Educational, and Government Access Television
PEGPricing and Ethical Guidelines
PEGPerugia, Italy - Na (Airport Code)
PEGPercutaneous Enteral Gastrostomy
PEGProgram Execution Guidance
PEGPerpetual Energy Generator (Invader Zim)
PEGProtocol Expert Group (Sun)
PEGProgram Evaluation Guide (USPS)
PEGPotential Exposure Group
PEGProgram Executive Group
PEGProgram Element Group
PEGProcess Excellence Group
PEGPrior Endorsements Guaranteed (business and finance)
PEGProfessional Entrepreneurs Group
PEGPassive Edge Growth
PEGParticipatory Exercise Group
PEGPrice to Earnings to Growth (stock price valuation ratio)
PEGPrivate Equity Group
PEGProfessional Engineers in Government (division of NSPE)
PEGPursuit-Evasion Game (mathematical challenge)
PEGPaul-Ehrlich-Gesellschaft (German: Paul Ehrlich Society)
PEGProgram Evaluation Group
PEGProgram Execution Group (US Army)
PEGProtection Engineers Group (USTA)
PEGPiano Esecutivo di Gestione (Italian: Executive Management Plan)
PEGPreferred Equipment Group (General Motors)
PEGProject Engineering Group (UK)
PEGProgrammable Event Generator
PEGPotential for Electricity Generation
PEGProgress E-Mail Group
References in classic literature ?
Whin I am servin' my time, I'm undher the Articles av War, an' can be whipped on the peg for thim.
There was Peg Barney sittin' on the groun' in his shirt - wan shoe off an' wan shoe on - whackin' a tent-peg over the head wid his boot, an' singin' fit to wake the dead.
The Divil's Mass is ten times worse, an' Peg Barney was singin' ut, whackin' the tent-peg on the head wid his boot for each man that he cursed.
It's a deal too good to be married in, master,' rejoined Peg, after a short inspection of the suit.
They an't becoming enough, Peg,' returned her master.
At the two-yard peg she faced round, and said, 'A pawn goes two squares in its first move, you know.
At the next peg the Queen turned again, and this time she said,
That is true," said the bearded countess, "still it fits him very well, for he is called Clavileno the Swift, which name is in accordance with his being made of wood, with the peg he has in his forehead, and with the swift pace at which he travels; and so, as far as name goes, he may compare with the famous Rocinante.
I have said already," said the Trifaldi, "that it is with a peg, by turning which to one side or the other the knight who rides him makes him go as he pleases, either through the upper air, or skimming and almost sweeping the earth, or else in that middle course that is sought and followed in all well-regulated proceedings.
Dorothy had already taken the clock key from the peg.
I went with Musgrave to his study and whittled myself this peg, to which I tied this long string with a knot at each yard.
I measured out the distance, which brought me almost to the wall of the house, and I thrust a peg into the spot.