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PELTProyecto Especial Lago Titicaca (Spanish: Special Project Lake Titicaca; Peru)
PELTProcess Excellence Leadership Team (management)
PELTPractical English Language Teaching
PELTProjet Eau Long Terme (French: Long Term Water Project; aka Projet Eau à Long Terme; Senegal)
PELTPolymer-Enzyme Liposome Therapy (cancer research)
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Though we have good coyote pelts, the higher demand is for the smaller, paler western pelts.
Just over 52,000 swakara pelts changed hands last week at the Kopenhagen fur auction where Namibian karakoel farmers enjoyed the results of one of their best seasons ever.
He birdied three straight from the 11th to take the outright lead after the 13th at 20-under from Van Pelt, who was 19-under and two holes behind.
Joint second were defending champion Van Pelt and Robert Garrigus, the former having cause to rue the 18th again when he failed to make the birdie he required for a play-off.
New champion Van Pelt said: "Jason and I had a great battle and played well.
It definitely got tight there at the end but luckily for me I came out on top," Van Pelt said.
It was just nice to finish with a birdie like that," Van Pelt said.
Van Pelt had him on the ropes on the par-5 16th by ripping a 345-yard tee shot and having only a 6-iron into the green.
She lifts the largest pelt and presses it against her belly, feels its weight and emptiness.
Van Pelt employs quartz, rock crystal, or agate--a banded variety of quay.
Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946, by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan Van Pelt.
I learned how to make ermine tubes using what I now consider a somewhat tedious method: cut the pelt into strips, sew them inside-out with a whip stitch, and turn them outside-out.