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PENPeruvian Nuevo Sol (Currency)
PENPublic Education Network
PENPoder Ejecutivo Nacional (Argentina)
PENPolyethylene Naphthalate (electrical insulation material)
PENProject on Emerging Nanotechnologies
PENPartido Encuentro Nacional (Paraguay)
PENPoets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists
PENPersonal Education Number
PENPennsylvania Environmental Network
PENPrivate Enterprise Number (assigned by the IANA)
PENPeer Education Network
PENParent Empowerment Network (Washington state)
PENProgram Element Number
PENPenang, Malaysia - Penang International (Airport Code)
PENPositive-Electrolyte-Negative (solid oxide fuel cells)
PENPlain English Network (US government)
PENPermanent Employee Number
PENProfessional Employer Network
PENPrimary Endosperm Nucleus
PENPersuasive, Expository, Narrative (basic styles of writing)
PENProtective Earth and Neutral (conductor)
PENProvinciaal Energiebedrijf NoordHolland (Dutch)
PENProfessional Executive Network
PENPrivate Electronic Network
PENProbability, Electric Strength, Number of Life Cycles
PENPan European Network (air traffic management)
PENPilipino Educators Network (Maryland)
PENPrison Enterprises Network (Indiana)
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Her ladyship repeated her remark on the subject of turning Windygates into a Penitentiary for Blanche's benefit.
The only exceptions in this respect were graces granted by the Penitentiary.
Irrespective of whether these unofficial casualty figures prove true, the killings at the penitentiary represent another black mark for Haiti's interim government, which has been accused of perpetrating and tolerating a gamut of human rights abuses since seizing power in March after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's ouster.
Osiel Cardenas was arrested in 2003 (see SourceMex, 2003-03-26), but he is said to be directing operations from La Palma penitentiary.
Equipped with central heat and running water when the White House still used wood-burning stoves and latrines, the penitentiary represented an attempt to positively affect the lives of inmates.
By designing every aspect of this apartment, from the arrangement of space down to details, like a bedside command module in sandblasted glass (sliding open to access light switches, thermostat, telephone), Chou has injected hedonism to create a penitentiary that is ultimately close to theatre.
Jesse Jackson, who was arrested outside the Oklahoma state penitentiary the night before her execution--says the prosecutor drove home the point that Allen and Leathers were a lesbian couple.
The Society and the other news organizations signing the letter also oppose a penitentiary policy that permits prison officials to deny future requests for inmate interviews if they believe a member of the news media failed to follow the conditions being imposed.
On September 11, 1835 the following entry appeared in the Alton Penitentiary Convict Register:
A Colorado prisoners' rights group has just issued a report on the Colorado State Penitentiary, a Canon City supermax, noting that a quarter of the inmates housed there are on some form of anti-psychotic medication; they are also never allowed outdoors under any circumstances.
The Rise of the Penitentiary is a new look at the origins of penology in the United States.
The rating affirmation incorporates Fitch's expectation that Homex's Homebuilding segment (excluding the penitentiary business line) free cash flow (FCF) will be neutral to positive in following years, EBITDA generation and margins will remain stable and the total debt to EBITDA ratio will be around 3.