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PCPPrimary Care Physician
PCPPhencyclidine (aka Angel Dust; CAS Number 60124-79-0)
PCPPrimary Care Provider
PCPPrecipitation (various organizations)
PCPPrimary Care Partnership
PCPPrecharged Pneumatic (airgun)
PCPProfile Control Panel
PCPPrimary Capital Programme (UK; school modernization program)
PCPPlanar Cell Polarity (biology)
PCPPrincipia Cybernetica Project
PCPPresident's Cancer Panel
PCPProgressive Conservative Party
PCPPrecinct Committee Person
PCPPolitica Comune Della Pesca (Italian)
PCPPrecision Castparts Corporation (stock symbol)
PCPPrimary Care Paramedic (paramedic rank, Canada)
PCPPrimary Care Paramedic
PCPProgressing Cavity Pump
pcpPrevious Corresponding Period
PCPPost's Correspondence Problem (an NP-complete problem in computation)
PCPProbabilistically Checkable Proof(s)
PCPPeople's Convention Party (Ghana)
PCPPrimary Control Program
PCPPriority Ceiling Protocol
PCPProcess Control Plan
PCPProduct Certification Program (NFRC)
PCPPagan Centered Podcast
PCPProgram Change Proposal (DoD PPBE)
PCPProfessional Certification Program
PCPPost Call Processing (timeframe between two inbound calls in a call center)
PCPPut Call Parity
PCPPower Control Panel
PCPPrivate Carrier Paging
PCPPriority Code Point
PCPPolice Community Precinct (Manila, Philippines)
PCPPhysical Conditioning Platoon
PCPPork Chop Platoon (military)
PCPPrinter Control Protocol
PCPParts Control Program
PCPPrecedence Constraint Posting
PCPPersonal Calendaring Protocol (courier mail server)
PCPPrivacy-Conscious Personalization
PCPParts Control Plan
PCPPraise Correct Praise (martial arts method of instruction)
PCPPaul Carlson Partnership
PCPPrinted Circuit Pack
PCPPerforce Consulting Partner
PCPPotential Contractor Program
PCPPrimary Coolant Pump
PCPPreserving Christian Publications, Inc.
PCPPrimary Carrier Plan
PCPProduct Change Proposal
PCPPop, Chips and Parents (party type)
PCPPenetration Control Point
PCPPreventive and Corrective Proactivity (successful aging model)
PCPPilot Control Panel
PCPProgram Control Procedure
PCPProduct Cost Pool (Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.)
PCPProgram Control Plan
PCPPre-Computation Phase
PCPPoste de Commandement Principal
PCPProgrammable Communications Processor (Telematics International)
PCPPage Composition Program
PCPPatient Care Pharmacist
PCPPoste de Contrôle Principal (French: Main Control Station)
PCPPublic Communications Publication
PCPProhibit Calling Party Address (Bellcore)
PCPProcess Control Primitive
PCPPlotter Control Parameter
PCPPermanent Control Point (construction)
PCPPrecast Concrete Pad
PCPProtected Currencies Participation Unit
PCPProduction Cycle Process
PCPPropedeutisch Chemisch Practicum
PCPPhysical Central Processor (IBM mainframes)
PCPPoker Club Phocéen (French poker club)
PCPProject/Program Change Proposal
PCPPrimary Compensation Premium
PCPPosition Coordinating Paper
PCPPalm Computing Platform
PCPPartido Comunista Peruano (Peruvian Communist Party)
PCPPartido Comunista Português (Portuguese Communist Party)
PCPPenta-Chloro-Phenol (wood preservative; CAS Number 87-86-5; also seen as Pentachlorophenol)
PCPPlatoon Command Post
PCPPneumocystic Carinii Pneumonia
PCPParalegal Certificate Program
PCPPartido Comunista Paraguayo (Spanish: Paraguayan Communist Party)
PCPPop Culture Press
PCPPersonal Care Product
PCPPacific Century Place (Beijing, China; business complex)
PCPPakistan Centre for Philanthropy (est. 2001)
PCPPrecision Cinema Progressive (technology)
PCPPhysical Conditioning Program (various organizations)
PCPPentachlorophenol (wood preservative; also see as Penta-Chloro-Phenol)
PCPPersonal Construct Psychology
PCPPlanet Core Productions (record label; Germany)
PCPPrimary Contact Point
PCPPerson-Centered Planning
PCPPCPlus (magazine)
PCPPolice Crime Prevention
PCPPlanning Commission of Pakistan
PCPPost-Coital Pill (aka morning-after pill, contraceptive)
PCPPayload Control Panel (spacecraft)
PCPPittsburgh City Paper
PCPPlug Compatible Peripheral
PCPPeruvian Communist Party
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Our results show that the ability to degrade pentachlorophenol is widely distributed among phylogenetically very different bacteria in agricultural soils irrigated with water contaminated with effluent discharged from pulp and paper mill.
This work has demonstrated the effective chromatographic separation of 2-chlorophenol, 2,4-dichlorophenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, 4-chloro-3-methylphenol and pentachlorophenol using an UHPLC System coupled with PDA detection.
Ali N, Ahmad W (1998) Effect of Pentachlorophenol on chromosomes of a catfish Heteropneustus fossilis.
One of these plots, established in 1964 within the Flarrison Experimental Forest in Mississippi, includes posts pressure treated with creosote, pentachlorophenol, chromated copper arsenate (CCA), and ammoniacal copper arsenate (ACA).
pesticides containing Pentachlorophenol and/or 2, 4, 5-T/Silvex, PCB (capacitors, transformers, light ballasts).
e, pentachlorophenol, 2, 4-D and butachlor) have been reported in our earlier studies using plant test system, Allium root tip test [26].
Enhanced biodegradation of pentachlorophenol in unsaturated soil using reversed field electrokinetics.
Past testing shows there are chemicals in the soil and groundwater, which include petroleum hydrocarbons, pentachlorophenol polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and furans.
Creosote and pentachlorophenol were effective and relatively safe for people and the environment when used properly, and several varieties of copper salts were available at building supply stores.
Pentachlorophenol is used as a pesticide and a wood preservative.
Carcinogenicity of Pentachlorophenol on Invertebrate and Vertebrate Cells: In Vitro and in Vivo Studies.
All of the poles had been treated with pentachlorophenol, or PCP, an organochlorine wood preservative.