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PERFPerforation (stamp collecting)
PERFPolice Executive Research Forum (incorporated 1977)
PERFPublic Employees Retirement Fund
PERFPostal Employees' Relief Fund
PeRFPerformance Requirements Framework
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The objective of the study is to list the preoperative and intraoperative factors, which can serve as a guideline in decision making for type of operative intervention in cases of ileal perforation.
A study conducted to estimate and compare the perforation risk in various surgical specialties reported that perforations were found in 203 out of 655 surgical procedures (31 percent); frequencies observed were 44.
An unrepaired tympanic membrane perforation can significantly affect a patients quality of life.
There was no perforation in the small bowel, but a large perforation was noted in the body of the gallbladder (Figure 1).
Keywords: Appendicitis, Meckel's Diverticulum, Perforation, Foreign body.
It was concluded, MTA was better material for repair of furcal perforation than Calcium hydroxide.
Gallbladder perforation is uncommon but well described in the literature.
The fruit quality was significantly affected by maturity stages (MS), packing perforation (PP) and storage duration (SD) as well as the MS x SD and PP x SD interactions.
Objective: To determine the etiological spectrum of perforation peritonitis in patients undergoing laparotomy at Military Hospital Rawalpindi.
This research was to describe a novel approach to treat corneal ulcer or perforation using the corneal lenticules obtained from SMILE and to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of tectonic keratoplasty with femtosecond laser intrastromal lenticule (TEKIL).
We wish to highlight the relationship between the site of tympanic membrane (TM) perforation and the degree of hearing loss.