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P4Pentium IV (Intel microprocessor)
P4Persona 4 (game)
P4Progesterone (hormone)
P4Perforce (software vendor)
P4Postnatal Day 4
P4Personal For (US Navy)
P4Product, Price, Promotion and Place (marketing analysis tool)
P4Photolithographic Pattern Plated Probe
P4Perfect Fourth (music)
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The general classrooms themselves are perforce on upper floors, and had the west front been as flat and plane as the east one, they would have ended up looking point blank into the windows of the flats across Pestalozzistrasse.
Perforce Software today announced it has joined the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux - the renowned open source operating system.
But owing to restrictions on movement of vehicles and persons, desired progress could not be made and as a result many appreciated targets perforce will have to be revised.
The server provides automatic plan branching and merging for distributed version control systems (DVCS) such as Git and Mercurial, along with push-button plan branching for traditional version control systems (VCS), including Subversion, Perforce and CVS.
The medieval cult of pope and saint Clement extended across northern Europe unhindered by border or coastline, and her study must, perforce, follow.
They are attempts to bring the law into synch with reality, to extend the law into areas of the economy and society which live perforce beyond the law.
Unwilling to move into Utopia Station, I suppose I'm perforce foreclosed from really "getting it.
2 of the Perforce Software Configuration Management System a software configuration management (SCM) system designed to help software development teams manage large, complex development projects across multiple operating system platforms.
The feminist principle of reversal begins perforce with refuting and rejecting the dominant misogynist view of women's identity and female conduct, as Helisenne indicated above in her desire to "confondre le dire de son mary" ("to refute her husband's opinion").
They will doubtless be attacked in their turn, but any new rebellion will perforce be informed by their achievements and surely cannot be as simplistic as Modernism could be, though it could aspire to Modernism's humane nobility.
These gatherings celebrated the ideal that as partners in enterprise, management and labor would perforce share the same goals.
Perforce Software today released six resolutions for software companies to consider when managing their development environments.