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PERMPermeance (unit of permeability of an object)
PERMPayment Error Rate Measurement (US DHHS)
PERMProgram Electronic Review Management (immigration)
PERMProgrammgesteuerte Elektronische Rechenanlage Munchen (German: Munich Program Controlled Electronic Computing System; Munich, Germany)
PERMProgressive Encephalomyelitis with Rigidity
PERMProcessless Electron Recording Medium
PERMPb (lead)-Free Electronics Risk Management (governmental consortium)
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This study determined the level of coefficient of permeability and transmmissivity including aquifer thickness as well as storativity of the aquifer in the rock of Rivers State.
By using the high-temperature rock-permeability testing machine designed at the Taiyuan University of Technology, the permeability coefficients of oil shale at different temperatures can be measured.
The two ASTM test methods most commonly used in the coatings industry to measure permeability are E96, "Water Vapor Transmission of Materials," and D1653," Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films.
In this study there was analyzed the permeability at gases and water vapors things permeability having a great importance in the case of the packed bakery products.
Intense, endurance exercise, such as running in the heat, is associated with greater gut permeability.
When considering HLW, the permeability of the rock matrix and fractures are studied (Neuman, 2008).
Helium was chosen as the penetrant because helium permeability is a vital parameter for airships.
Building on earlier conceptual work by Rengasamy and Sumner (1998), Rengasamy and Marchuk (2011) have proposed a generalization of SAR which quantifies both the differing effects of Na and K as dispersing cations diminishing soil permeability and the differing effects of Mg and Ca as flocculating cations enhancing soil permeability.
According to the definition of permeability, the slope of the curve at each point stands for the permeability at the corresponding pressure gradient.
Therefore, when the injection pressure reaches a certain degree, the plugging agent can pass through the near-wellbore area of high permeability channels of the target layer for deep profile control.
Topmix Permeable has an average permeability rate of 36,000 mm per hour.
Hydraulic permeability was determinated of different MSW particle size distribution.