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PERMSPersonnel Electronic Records Management System
PERMSProcess & Effluent Radiological Monitoring System
PERMSPlanning Execution Resources Monitoring System
PERMSPersonnel Election Records Management System
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Another idea is to perm two bankers with a column of outsiders covered by a standard four-in-a-line block such as Littlewoods Lit-Blocks with a smaller group of favourite selections from which you perm any two.
The perm solution has improved greatly from 20 years ago, and the latest Wella perms are so gentle on the hair you can even colour on the same day as receiving the treatment.
Apparently, when the perm was first discovered women were left bald, scorched and adverts were put out to assure them they wouldn't die.
The ironed look is out and perms will make a comeback in this New Year.
Another allowed her gran to perm her shoulder-length hair and she turned up to a disco telling us to: "just call me bush
He envisions a day when a stylist might adjust the treatment to maximize the number of disulfide bonds that break during the first stage of the perm and that form during the resetting stage.
Do your homework This type of perm wave is very soft, so it will gradually fall out.
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