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perpPlan Epargne Retraite Populaire (French: Popular Retirement Savings Plan)
perpPortable Equipment Registration Program (California Air Resources Board)
perpPsychiatric Emergency Response Program
perpPrimary Education Reform Program (est. 1993; Uganda)
perpPlain English Role Playing
perpPromotional Efforts Recognition Program (American Dairy Goat Association)
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What can be concluded, however, is that the MMG amplitude and center frequency versus force patterns did not change when the signal from the same location of the skin over the rectus femoris was measured in the PERP and TRAN axes.
The PERP defines the "window of opportunity" as the time necessary for an inmate to achieve a one grade level increase in an academic program or receive CTE certification (CJC, 1994).
But despite the tension that often exists between the media and the police, the perp walk provides common ground: "Journalists and law enforcement officers don't agree about a lot of things, but they both benefit from 'perp walks.
As chapters progress, murder mystery fans are drawn into an ever-complex, changing story that holds not just too many perps, but many twists and turns of plot; especially when an attempted suicide reveals even more dubious connections: ".
However, when the robber turned around and began to leave without the bag of cash, Graham is seen hastily grabbing the loot and hustling it out to the forgetful perp.
Washington, Apr 20 ( ANI ): The protein Perp, associated with desmosomes (the glue that sticks cells together), is involved in suppressing breast cancer and offers a potential new target for future treatment, a new study has revealed.
She gave the perp her gold wedding ring and he disappeared.
Kelli Giddish stars as the lead manhunter, who can hold her own against a perp twice her size.
If it helps lead to the arrest of the perp, the ADL will give you $1,000.
Hilton avoided the perp walk but still had to make a cameo at the cop shop.
Have you found yourself thinking, "The problem with stun guns is that they can take down only one perp at a time"?
Lately, all they've seen is chief executives doing the perp walk.