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PNGPortable Network Graphics (graphic file standard/extension)
PNGPapouasie Nouvelle Guinée (French: Papua New Guinea)
PNGPapua New Guinea
PNGPlano Nacional de Graduaçao (Portuguese: National Graduate; Brazil)
PNGPennsylvania National Guard (est. 1747)
PNGPersona Non Grata
PNGProject Next Generation (various organizations)
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PNGProfessional Numismatists Guild
PNGPacific Northern Gas Ltd. (Canada)
PNGPeer Networking Group (various locations)
PNGPipeline Natural Gas
PNGPawnee National Grassland
PNGPrivate, Non-Governmental
PNGProgram on Networked Governance (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
PNGPersonaggio Non Giocante (Italian)
PNGPressurized Natural Gas
PNGPrivate Non-Guaranteed (bond)
PNGPassive Night Goggles
PNGPark 'n' Grab (geocaching)
PNGPencil Necked Geek
PNGProportional Navigation Guidance Law
PNGPencil Notes on Gum (philatelic imperfection)
PNGPseudorandom Noise Generator
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They were declared persona non grata and asked to leave the country within 24 hours.
The diplomat quoted a senior security official saying that thousands of Lebanese pro-Welayat Al Faqih Shi'ites and Christians linked to Michel Aoun would be declared persona non grata.
Es imposible para un lector latinoamericano empezar a hablar de Jorge Edwards (Santiago de Chile, 1931) sin comenzar haciendolo por Persona non grata (1973), principio historico de su obra, aunque esta, ya para entonces tuviese una prehistoria: la del cuentista educado en el realismo y en su refutacion, la del autor de El peso de la noche (1965), una primera novela cuyas obsesiones, sin duda, seguiran apareciendo a lo largo de su vida de escritor.
IN THE END, the wiser heads prevailed and the legislature did not declare the UN Secretary-General's Special Advisor Alexander Downer persona non grata.
MIAMI (TAP)- The United States declared Venezuela's consul general in Miami persona non grata and said she must leave the country by Tuesday.
at away games after being declared persona non grata by Coventry City's THE sight of Gary Hoffman handing over millions of pounds - well, pounds 2million to be exact - to Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday served as a timely reminder of his attempts to lead a buy-out at the Ricoh Arena just a few short months ago.
Libya's Consul General in Sofia, Ibrahim al-Furis, declared persona non grata Monday, is still in the country.
I judged that the behavior of these individuals had become unacceptable, and that they should therefore be declared persona non grata.
All the television and newspapers - who covered my deportation from Egypt last year and my designation as persona non grata by the Mubarak dictatorship as if it were somehow discreditable to me, rather than a badge of honour - have completely ignored me during these, the last days of the tyrant's power.
Summary: Moscow says it was forced to respond in kind after its diplomat was declared persona non grata.
Hussam Zaki of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that the convoy will be allowed access to Gaza but insisted on his country's decision to keep considering George Galloway, the British ex-parliamentarian leading the convoy, as persona non grata.
Galloway himself, however, is still thought to be persona non grata in Egypt, and no assurances were made in his regard, reported pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT, Monday.