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PESOSPrepare, Explain, Show, Observe, Supervise (training model)
PESOSPhoto-Electron Spectroscopy of the Outer Shell
PESOSPrinciples of Engineering Service Oriented Systems
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8759, otherwise known as the PESO Act of 1999, paving the way for Filipino jobseekers, especially those in the rural areas, to find better employment in the country.
But there was an extraordinary detail in this latest incident: The 100 peso banknote Euzdemir received featured the portrait of the founder of the modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal AtatE-rk, on one side.
During 3Q13, resources for USD 598m pesos were spent related to investments in fixed assets.
The government has already begun a series of pilot projects aimed at increasing demand for pesos versus CUC and thus the peso's value.
Recaredo Arias, chief executive of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, said the 75 billion peso figure was based on government estimates and that the insurers' association agreed with them.
La sesion de mitad de la semana no tuvo programacion especial, la ultrafiltracion se calculo por el peso seco previamente establecido.
08 billion pesos, thanks to higher liquid fuel prices, it said.
Los pesos al nacimiento, destete, ajustado a los 210 dias y la ganancia diaria de los terneros de FS pequeno fue significativamente inferior a los individuos de FS mediano, confirmando que la curva de crecimiento es diferente de acuerdo a su clasificacion en terminos cualitativos por escala de tamano corporal.
Although the strong peso benefits Colombians who travel abroad or those who import consumer goods and machinery, it can increase costs to business and make the nation's exports--from fresh-cut flowers to foodstuffs to textiles--more expensive and less competitive.
The decline in the US currency's exchange rate against the peso is not solely the result of the improving value of the peso but rather reflects the overall weakening of US currency.
Assuming acceptance by all shareholders to whom the offer is addressed, the transaction would amount to 575,610 million of Chilean pesos, or approximately 942 million US dollars (based on the Observed Exchange Rate published on October 10, 2008), or about 692 million Euros.
In its latest quarterly inflation report, the central bank said, 'Going forward, the value of the peso will be affected by several factors.