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PETERPromoting European Traceability Excellence & Research (EU)
PETERPerformance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research
PETERPhilips Experimentele Tweetallige Electronische Rekenmachine (Dutch: Philips Electronic Experimental Binary Calculator)
PETERPictorial Evaluation of Test Reaction (psychology)
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John Brown and Peter Goldthwaite had been jointly known to the commercial world between twenty and thirty years before, under the firm of Goldthwaite & Brown; which co-partnership, however, was speedily dissolved by the natural incongruity of its constituent parts.
This old paternal edifice, needy as he was, and though, being centrally situated on the principal street of the town, it would have brought him a handsome sum, the sagacious Peter had his own reasons for never parting with, either by auction or private sale.
McGREGOR came up with a sieve, which he intended to pop upon the top of Peter; but Peter wriggled out just in time, leaving his jacket behind him.
McGREGOR was quite sure that Peter was somewhere in the toolshed, perhaps hidden underneath a flower-pot.
Not willingly would I inflict,' Said Peter, 'on that noble heart One needless pang.
Tis true, 'said Peter,' I'm alive: I keep my station in the world: Once in the week I just contrive To get my whiskers oiled and curled.
She meant the chest of drawers, and Peter jumped at the drawers, scattering their contents to the floor with both hands, as kings toss ha'pence to the crowd.
A shudder passed through Peter, and he sat on the floor and cried.
Of course, it also shows that Peter is ever so old, but he is really always the same age, so that does not matter in the least.
He was usually called `Curly Peter,' or `Rooshian Peter.
Peter went home with her and returned Sunday evening.
Read it," Peter Winn commanded, without opening his eyes.