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PFFTPre-Corrected Fast Fourier Transform (algorithm)
PFFTPeople for Fair Trade (Australia)
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But we were done with the proof of the universal PFFT in equation (15) after a few brief and simple steps from the standard Price Equation.
Despite the initial euphoria over Poe, her novelty is beginning to wear off, her Cinderella story is bound to go pfft.
Pfft, it's not all prim and proper You'll come to find that there are puns here, there and everywhere in the series, but nothing is going to top our fave.
Well, SU and AS have since parted ways and their individual careers have gone pfft, too.
Now that their screen partnership has gone pfft, will Charming Cutie and Gifted Sweetheart part ways off-screen, too?
Luckless Relative, whose own career went pfft, prevailed on HC who grudgingly agreed, so as not to waste the precious opportunities (read: endorsement deals).
FANS need not wonder why the much-ballyhooed partnership of Gifted Ingenue and Dashing Partner swiftly went pfft.
TP shed extra poundage, all right, but youthful good looks and mental well-being went pfft, too.
Keep the Family Close), and promising relationships that went pfft (Hotline Bling).
No wonder Handsome Beau had to skip town when their affair went pfft.
Unfortunately, PE still went pfft in spite of its prestigious pedigree.
This was revealed for the first time when an Iglesia Ni Cristo snitch tattled about the attempt of the INC's advisory council to put pressure on the senator-judges of the impeachment tribunal and to dissuade them from removing former Chief Justice Renato Corona (Show of force went pfft, News, 7/26/15).