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PICAPosterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
PICAPicatinny Arsenal
PICAPortland Institute for Contemporary Art
PICAPodiatry Insurance Company of America (Franklin, TN)
PICAPacific Islanders' Cultural Association
PICAPower Industry Computer Applications (Conference)
PICAPicosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis
PICAPacific Institute of Culinary Arts (British Columbia, Canada)
PICAPolymerization-Induced Colloid Aggregation
PICAProfessional Investigating & Consulting Agency, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
PICAPrograma de Investigacion de Cultivos Andinos (Peru)
PICAPlum Island Community Airfield, Inc (Massachusetts, USA)
PICAPrimary Inventory Control Activity/Agent
PICAPreliminary Inventory Control Activity
PICAProcedures for Inventory Control Afloat
PICAPorch Index Communication Abilities
PICAPrime Interest/Coordinating/Action
PICAParasite Infected Cell Agglutination Assay
PICAPrudential Insurance Company of America
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The Revolution Sessions are Kaseya's way of providing tools, support and knowledge that can free service providers from complex, unprofitable methods," said Pica.
Zach's pica disorder means he will eat almost anything.
Jamie McGowan, customer services manager at Pica Pica, said Diamond Lady was based on the popular cocktail White Lady.
Experts say Pica is surprisingly common with as many as 21% of children aged one to six having it at some stage.
More than half of patients (57%) had symptoms of pica syndrome, primarily the urge to eat ice.
Re-use of old nests versus the construction of new ones in the Magpie Pica pica in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria).
These are transported to the Amgen Cymru facility in Bryn Pica, Llwydcoed, to be stripped and recycled.
New Delhi, June 13 (ANI): An 18-month-old Chinese girl is believed to be suffering from Pica - an eating disorder characterized by persistent cravings to eat nonfood items such as dirt or cigarette butts, after she repeatedly excreted nails.
However, treating patients with pica may not be as common.
The magpie pica pica, belonging to the family corvidae along with other members of the crow family, has carnivorous tendencies.
Senior editors at PICA publications choose the Public Relations Person of the Year as an outstanding example of "best practices" in media relations.
Pica is a mental disorder, usually diagnosed in children, but is now being addressed by the medical and psychiatric community as a disorder that can still be present or develop later in life.