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PICAPosterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
PICAPicatinny Arsenal
PICAPortland Institute for Contemporary Art
PICAPodiatry Insurance Company of America (Franklin, TN)
PICAPacific Islanders' Cultural Association
PICAPower Industry Computer Applications (Conference)
PICAPicosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis
PICAPacific Institute of Culinary Arts (British Columbia, Canada)
PICAPolymerization-Induced Colloid Aggregation
PICAProfessional Investigating & Consulting Agency, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
PICAPrograma de Investigacion de Cultivos Andinos (Peru)
PICAPlum Island Community Airfield, Inc (Massachusetts, USA)
PICAPrimary Inventory Control Activity/Agent
PICAPreliminary Inventory Control Activity
PICAProcedures for Inventory Control Afloat
PICAPorch Index Communication Abilities
PICAPrime Interest/Coordinating/Action
PICAParasite Infected Cell Agglutination Assay
PICAPrudential Insurance Company of America
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Management of pica for which a medical cause is not identified generally involves taking measures to remove from the environment non-food items that cats may show a preference for ingesting, feeding a well-balanced and complete diet, offering acceptable alternatives for chewing/swallowing, reducing stress by establishing a routine for feeding, sleeping, grooming, and other activities, and minimizing boredom by dedicating specific times to interacte play with appropriate cat-safe toys.
An artist's impression of how the proposed Eco Park at Bryn Pica could look
If conversations about pica were as common as discussions about morning sickness, expectants mothers would suddenly be relieved of the burden of hiding a behavior for which they have little control.
0 admits to having pica urges most of her life, but experienced an uncontrollable exacerbation after gastric bypass surgery.
1 Pica was first defined by Hippocrates and the scientific name for the Common Magpie is Pica, which is a bird thought to have indiscriminate appetite, similar to those who ingest inedible substances.
It will help those who suffer by offering suggestions on how to help with the pica and funding for special equipment.
pica individuals were collected, finding the least quantity (148) in El Aguacate and the most (270) in La Diana.
Experts say Pica is surprisingly common with as many as 21% of children aged one to six having it at some stage.
More than half of patients (57%) had symptoms of pica syndrome, primarily the urge to eat ice.
In addition, 57% demonstrated symptoms of pica syndrome--a craving for and compulsive eating of nonfood substances such as ice and starch.
Pica or allotrophagia is a peculiar condition of depraved or perverted appetite, whereby the animals start eating objects that they normally do not eat (Akgul et al.