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PICPrimary Interexchange Carrier (telephone long distance carrier)
PICPredesignated Interexchange Carrier (telephony)
PICGraph (File Name Extension)
PICPoint(s) in Calls
PICPilot In Command (aviation)
PICPrivate Industry Council
PICPerson In Charge
PICPrior Informed Consent (Rotterdam Convention on Trade in Hazardous Chemicals)
PICProgrammable Interrupt Controller
PICPharmacist in Charge
PICPhotonic Integrated Circuit
PICPrison Industrial Complex
PICPublic Information Center
PICPharmaceutical Inspection Convention
PICPolice Integrity Commission (New South Wales, Australia)
PICPeripheral Interface Controller
PICPersonal Internet Communicator
PICPig Improvement Company
PICProgressive Insurance Company
PICPhysical Interface Card (Juniper Networks, Inc.)
PICPetrochemical Industries Co.
PICProducts of Incomplete Combustion
PICPersonal Identification Code
PICPriority Interrupt Controller
PICPilot in Charge
PICProgrammable Interface Controller
PICProgrammable Integrated Circuit
PICProvincial Iraqi Control
PICProduct Identification Code
PICPublic IM Connectivity (Microsoft)
PICPacific Islanders in Communications
PICPersonality Inventory for Children
PICPersonal Information Carrier
PICPhoto Imaging Council (UK)
PICProstitutie Informatie Centrum (Dutch: Prostitution Information Centre; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
PICParticulate Inorganic Carbon
PICPoison Information Center
PICPhotographic Interpretation Center
PICPublic Interest Center
PICParticipant Identification Code
PICPersonal Injury Collision (fire/rescue)
PICPunctate Inner Choroidopathy (ophthalmology)
PICPoison Information Centre
PICProduction & Inventory Control
PICProgrammable Intelligent Computer
PICPsychiatric Intensive Care
PICPersonal Interactive Communicator (Motorola)
PICPlastic Insulated Cable
PICPolymer-Impregnated Concrete
PICProcurement Information Circular
PICPrimary Interchange Carrier
PICPitch-In Canada (anti-litter group)
PICPressurized Ion Chamber
PICProfessional Interest Committee
PICPersonnel Investigations Center
PICPrimary Interlata Carrier
PICPazienti Impazienti Cannabis (Cannabis Impatients Patients, Italy)
PICPre-Inquiry Change (UK)
PICPanel Interface Connector
PICPotential Impact Circle (natural gas pipeline)
PICPolyethylene Insulated Cable
PICProduction Incentive Certificate
PICProgrammers Investment Corporation
PICPressure Indicator Controller
PICPolymerase Initiation Complex
PICPocket Ionization Chamber
PICPocket Ion Chamber (device that measures radiation dose accumulated at a nuclear power plant)
PICParent Indicator Code
PICProgrammable Interconnection
PICPatrol In Council (Scouts Canada)
PICPlume Impingement Contamination
PICPersonal Injury Coverage (insurance)
PICProcessor Interface Control
PICProgram Information Center (Navy)
PICProduct Introduction Center
PICPersonal Information Communicator
PICProgram Interrupt Control
PICProgrammable Interconnect Component
PICPragmatics and Intercultural Communication (Project)
PICProduct Integrity Center (Cutler-Hammer, Inc.)
PICProgressive Image Coding
PICPicatinny Innovation Center
PICPixel Ionization Chamber
PICPractice Improvement Cluster
PICPayload Interface Controller
PICPlastic Ignitor Cord
PICProcessor Input Channel
PICPurpose Identification Code
PICPacific Islands Church (New Zealand)
PICPartnership in Context
PICPermanent Information and Control (data management)
PICprimary impact crater (aviation accidents)
PICProfessional Insurance Center, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
PICPost-beamformer Interference Canceller
PICPost-Instructional Conference (US Army)
PICPolygonal Impact Crater
PICPacific Intelligence Center
PICProlonged Illness Condition (health care)
PICProduct Identification Component
PICPangarungan Islam College
PICPrivate in Charge
PICPreliminary Interface Certification
PICPiano Investimento Capitale (Italian: Program of Capital Investment)
PICPrivate Inspector - Commercial (wastewater management)
PICProgram Integration Challenge
PICPrinceton Intervention Center (Ohio)
PICPerinatal Intensive Centrum (Hungarian: Intensive Perinatal Center)
PICPatient Informed Consent
PICPublic Information Campaign (various organizations)
PICpaid-in capital (finance)
PICPublic Issues Committee
PICPacific Islands Club
PICPartners in Caring (various organizations)
PICPacific Island Country
PICPortfolio Investment Companies
PICPension Insurance Company
PICPaulson Investment Company (Portland, OR)
PICPortable Intensive Care (system; medical equipment)
PICPacific Indemnity Co.
PICPort Interface Card
PICPublic Interest Coalition (various organizations)
PICPakistan Insurance Corporation
PICParent in Charge
PICPress Information Center (NATO)
PICPresubscribed Interexchange Carrier
PICPalminfocenter (website)
PICPegasus Imaging Corporation (various locations)
PICPeace Implementation Council (NATO)
PICPride in the City (various locations)
PICPatient Identification Code
PICPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
PICPlan Implementation Committee (various organizations)
PICPowdered Iron Core (inductor; electronics)
PICPolyisocyanurate (rigid foam contruction material)
PICParticle-In-Cell (micropulsion systems on-a-chip)
PICPeripheral Intravenous Catheter (medical)
PICPresidential Inaugural Committee
PICPosition Independent Code
PICPartners in Crime
PICParallel Interference Cancellation
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But quitting all these unprofessional attempts, let us glance at those pictures of leviathan purporting to be sober, scientific delineations, by those who know.
Paul Veronese's dogs to not resemble dogs; all the horses look like bladders on legs; one man had a RIGHT leg on the left side of his body; in the large picture where the Emperor (Barbarossa?
Poor thing, many's the time I made myself go up to the little room that used to be hers and get out her poor old scrap-book and read in it when her pictures had been aggravating me and I had soured on her a little.
But pictures are not enough although most authors draw so badly that if one of them happens to have the genius for line that Mr.
I saw," he said, "the picture that you have just hidden.
The Lieutenant-Governor sat, one afternoon, resting his head against the carved back of his stately armchair, and gazing up thoughtfully at the void blackness of the picture.
I never sold a picture until you bought that thing the other day.
Annette belonged to that large section of the public which likes or dislikes a picture according to whether its subject happens to please or displease them.
The picture on the right is the present Sir Leicester Dedlock.
The bands played, and so did the fountains; the moon and the gas lamps lit up the scene, and altogether it was a brilliant and an animated picture.
It was notorious that the Salon had refused pictures which were afterwards famous; it was the first time Philip had sent, and he must expect a rebuff; Flanagan's success was explicable, his picture was showy and superficial: it was just the sort of thing a languid jury would see merit in.
Squatting upon his haunches on the table top in the cabin his father had built--his smooth, brown, naked little body bent over the book which rested in his strong slender hands, and his great shock of long, black hair falling about his well- shaped head and bright, intelligent eyes--Tarzan of the apes, little primitive man, presented a picture filled, at once, with pathos and with promise--an allegorical figure of the primordial groping through the black night of ignorance toward the light of learning.