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Malignant pilomatricoma (MPM) is the rare malignant counterpart, and as of 2014, only 80 cases were reported in the literature.
Pilomatricoma is an uncommon, most-often benign hair matrix tumor rarely diagnosed in the breast.
4) The name was further changed to pilomatricoma in 1977 by Arnold.
According to Moehlenbeck, the incidence of pilomatricoma is 0.
Cankorkmaz L, Ozer H, Altuntas EE, et al: Clinicopathologic analysis of childhood pilomatricoma cases.
Mansur AT, Serdar ZA, Ercin Z, Gunduz S, Aker F: The clinical and histopathologic features of 25 pilomatricoma cases.
On pathological assessment, the tissue was found to consist of fragments of a benign pilomatricoma showing the typical elements of basaloid foci, giant-cell reaction, ghost cells and calcification.
Microscopically, it was a typical pilomatricoma consisting of bands of basaloid cells maturing into ghost keratinocytes.
Shames BC, Nassif A, Bailey CS, Saltzstein SL: Secondary anetoderma involving a pilomatricoma.
Matsuura H, Hatamochi A, Nakamura Y, Endo H, Shinkai H: Multiple pilomatricoma in Trisomy 9.
Pilomatricoma (calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe).
Pilomatricoma (calcifying epithelioma): A study of 100 cases in El Salvador.