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PINPersonal Identification Number
PINPressure In
PINPosition Indicator
PINProduct Identification Number
PINPublic Information Notice (International Monetary Fund)
PINProstatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia
PINPrimate Info Net (University of Wisconsin)
PINProvider Identification Number
PINProject Idea Note (World Bank)
PINPrior Information Notice
PINProperty Index Number
PINProcess Identification Number
PINPower Information Network
PINPosterior Interosseous Nerve
PINProgressive Inflammatory Neuropathy
PINPostal Index Number (India)
PINProduct Information Network
PINNational Integration Party (Costa Rica)
PINParticle Impact Noise
PINProject Identification Number
PINPolice Information Network
PINPart or Identifying Number
PINProcessor Independent NetWare (Novell)
PINPregnancy, Infection and Nutrition
PINProgram Item Number
PINProgram Information Notice
PINProduct Information Number
PINPlan Identification Number
PINPromontory Interfinancial Network
PINPassword Identification Number
PINPosition Identification Number
PINProduction Identification Number
PINPre-Invitation Notice
PINPersonnel Increment Number
PINProcurement Information Notice
PINProcurement Identification Number
PINProcedural Interrupt Negative (ITU-T)
PINPhoto Intrinsic
PINProgressive Iowa Network
PINPublication Identification Number
PINPacket Identification Number
PINPinpoint Identified Neighborhoods
PINPersonnel Item Number
PINParent Is Near
PINProcurement Installation Number
PINProject Initiation Note
PINProduct Improvement Notice
PINPlan Idroloxico Nazional
PINPostal Information Number
PINPhysical Inventory Notification
PINPrimary Inter-LATA Number (Sprint)
PINPN Junction with Isolation Region
PINPersonal Information Number
PINPartners in Learning
PINProjecten in Nederland (Dutch: Projects in Netherlands)
PINPekan Imunisasi Nasional (Indoensian: National Immunization Week)
PINProtein Interaction Network
PINPeople in Need
PINPublic Insight Network (various organizations)
PINPesticide Information Network
PINPeople's Information Network (UK)
PINPain In the Ass (Nursing)
References in classic literature ?
As soon as she was gone the lad took the pin out of his master's coat, who instantly awoke.
In that other matter of the pin of Count Pierres that you speak of, and say is near Babieca's saddle in the Armoury, I confess my sin; for I am either so stupid or so short-sighted, that, though I have seen the saddle, I have never been able to see the pin, in spite of it being as big as your worship says it is.
The pin that had been his from boyhood, where he had flung his balmoral when he loitered home from the Academy, and his first hat when he came briskly back from college or the office - his pin was occupied.
It was a very long gold pin, and had the carved head of a monkey or some such thing," continued the cleric; "and it was fixed in a rather odd way--he wore pince-nez and a broad black--"
Early in the morning, before it was quite light, and when nobody was stirring in the inn, Chanticleer awakened his wife, and, fetching the egg, they pecked a hole in it, ate it up, and threw the shells into the fireplace: they then went to the pin and needle, who were fast asleep, and seizing them by the heads, stuck one into the landlord's easy chair and the other into his handkerchief; and, having done this, they crept away as softly as possible.
This plan, which he brought to the comte, was a map of France, upon which the practiced eye of that gentleman discovered an itinerary, marked out with small pins; wherever a pin was missing, a hole denoted its having been there.
Sonya stood ready dressed in the middle of the room and, pressing the head of a pin till it hurt her dainty finger, was fixing on a last ribbon that squeaked as the pin went through it.
At every pin you put, the person under the spell gets nearer and nearer to death.
I don't care a pin what they say if you don't mind, uncle," she answered, when he pictured the dismay of the good ladies.
It CAN'T go straight, you know, if you pin it all on one side,' Alice said, as she gently put it right for her;
I neglected the boat and had the sail spilling the wind again and again, such was my delight in following her every movement as she searched through the blankets for the pin.
Once, he felt a slight prick, as of a pin point, and grunted, while she laughed and bullied him to continue keeping his eyes shut.