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PISSpin-index safety system
PISSPassive Ignorance Silence Strike
PISSPhoenix Islands Settlement Scheme (a British scheme to ease overpopulation in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands)
PISSPut in Some Sugar
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Then some legend won the demo by making a soggy little piss puddle on the couch.
never swim near Beirut or Zouk, unless you like to swim in industrial waste instead of piss, go to the north or south instead.
I think it's called taking the piss and I'm sure revolutions have been started for less.
Someone is taking the piss - in more ways than one.
That's silly, and all that will do is piss people off.
Piss Flowers, 1991-92, is a garden of rough stalagmite-like forms rising from floral bases.
And they're right that there's almost zero chance Gore would ask her; it would piss off the Democrats too much.
Carroll in his "Never Piss Off A Poet" calls to the mind of the reader quickly the many oral references and clever uses of colloquial language.
He emphasized that like the labor union, he was very keen on the right of employees of PISS.