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PIXELPicture Element
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com/intl/en/chrome/devices/chromebook-pixel/#pixel-specs) The Pixel measures 298 x 225 x 16 mm, and weighs just 3.
A detail of the ear in both images makes the superiority of the variable shape pixel image obvious.
High 89% aperture ratio and new pixel surface smoothing technology for high reflectivity performance.
Fujitsu continues to set the bar for the digital imaging industry with its versatile, innovative document scanners, and we are pleased to acknowledge their technology advancements and partner relationship with Pixel Translations," said Jim Vickers, chief marketing officer of Captiva and general manager of Pixel Translations.
By building a more complicated pixel structure that includes filters and multiple oil layers, the researchers have made elements of e-paper that can generate a wide range of colors with exceptional brightness.
While it's true that the scene is enlarged through the scale of the pixel boxes, there is also a reduction at work in her transformation of the source image.
The simplest form of similarity--two pictures are similar if all their pixels have similar values--is extremely difficult to use because it requires users to know exactly how a picture is laid out.
Lasers may also be more consistent because they don't suffer from the partitioning of defects across pixel lines, which can create a misleading signal, says Paumi.
Pixel Creative Group earned another Lantern Award in the category of "Radio Commercial Campaigns" for its "Lending Nature a Hand" radio spot.
Once seen as cheap, almost disposable, laptops designed to do little more than get online as cheaply and efficiently as possible, the Pixel represents a shift in perception of the Chromebook brand.
When a pixel marketing site starts to become cluttered, advertisers lose their ability to get noticed -- especially if they purchase a smaller-sized block.