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PLANSPosition Location and Navigation Symposium (IEEE)
PLANSPeople for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, Inc.
PLANSProperty Liability Association for New Systems (est. 1970)
PLANSPick goals; List ways to meet goals; And make Notes; Sequence notes (education)
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The Same Subject Continued, and the Incoherence of the Objections to the New Plan Exposed From the Independent Journal.
And so, knowing his master and many of his past deeds, knowing, too, a great deal about the plans of Malbihn and Baynes that had been overheard by himself, or other servants; and knowing well from the gossip of the head-men that half of Malbihn's party lay in camp by the great river far to the west, it was not difficult for the boy to put two and two together and arrive at four as the sum--the four being represented by a firm conviction that his master had deceived the other white man and taken the latter's woman to his western camp, leaving the other to suffer capture and punishment at the hands of the Big Bwana whom all feared.
Who formed the plan by which we left the establishment of M
Hence in the wise leader's plans, considerations of advantage and of disadvantage will be blended together.
Should the Northwest Company persist in extending their trade in that quarter, their competition might be of serious detriment to the plans of Mr.
Sir James saw all the plans, and took one away to consult upon with Lovegood.
Through the man's brain passed plan after plan whereby he might thwart the escape of the Englishman and his wife, for so long as the vital spark remained within the vindictive brain of Alexander Paulvitch none who had aroused the enmity of the Russian might be entirely safe.
His daughter did not question him as to the cause of this change in plans, for since those three days that her father had kept himself locked in his workroom at home the girl had noticed a subtle change in her parent--a marked disinclination to share with her his every confidence as had been his custom since the death of her mother.
I have in view three plans for scaling the cliffs, and the means for carrying out each is in the hold.
He would have held his tongue about it, both as a measure of prudence, and in order not to have to reconsider his plans.
She was looking at plans one day in the following spring--they had finally decided to go down into Sussex and build--when Mrs.
When on the evening that he arrived home he informed the bailiff of his plans, the latter with visible pleasure agreed with what he said so long as he was pointing out that all that had been done up to that time was stupid and useless.