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PLTPrinciples of Teaching
PLTPlatinum (American Airlines Advantage Program)
PLTPage Load Time
PLTProject Learning Tree
PLTProcedure Linkage Table
PLTProgramming Language Theory
PLTPractical Legal Training
PLTProduction Logging Tool (oil exploration)
PLTPatent Law Treaty
PLTProduction Lead Time
PLTProgram List Table
PLTPlotter File
PLTPrivate Line Telecommunications
PLTPci Latency Timer
PLTPanel Link Transmitter
PLTPrimary Latency Timer
PLTPower Line Transmission
PLTPre Linked Transfer
PLTPower Line Technology
PLTPalette File
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PLTProcurement Lead Time
PLTPower Line Telecommunications
PLTProtected Learning Time (healthcare; UK)
PLTPhotonic Laser Thruster (space technology)
PLTProgram List Table (computing)
PLTProduction Lot Testing
PLTProject Leader Training (various locations)
PLTPolar Layered Terrain (Mars)
PLTPractice Learning Team (various locations)
PLTPersistent Lookup Table (computing)
PLTPayload Type
PLTPast Life Therapist
PLTPrimary Lead Teacher (education)
PLTPretty Little Thing
PLTPen-Based Learning Technologies (International Workshop)
PLTLead Lanthanum Titanate
PLTPrivate Line Telecommunications Circuit
PLTProgram Lead Time
PLTprimed lymphocyte typing
PLTPost Launch Testing
PLTPrimed Lymphocyte Test
PLTPeer Leadership Team
PLTProgram Library Tape
PLTPassive Link Tap (SAIC)
PLTPower Line Telephony
PLTPartnership Liaison Team
PLTPlanning and Liaison Team
PLTPassive Link 11 Tap (SAIC)
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PLTPhotonic Layer Technologies (Sprint)
PLTPublications Liaison Team
PLTProduction Log Tool
PLTPortsmouth Little Theatre (Portsmouth, OH)
References in classic literature ?
Nicholl, now furious, offered to expose his plate to the shock of any shot, solid, hollow, round, or conical.
madame, that would indeed be an excellent resource for those who, unlike your ladyship, might not be in a position to keep their plate.
In one well-marked instance, I put the comb back into the hive, and allowed the bees to go on working for a short time, and again examined the cell, and I found that the rhombic plate had been completed, and had become perfectly flat: it was absolutely impossible, from the extreme thinness of the little rhombic plate, that they could have effected this by gnawing away the convex side; and I suspect that the bees in such cases stand in the opposed cells and push and bend the ductile and warm wax (which as I have tried is easily done) into its proper intermediate plane, and thus flatten it.
All HE'S got to do is to write on the plate and throw it out.
As the fish would not come off the plate, they put it into the red-hot crinkly paper fire in the kitchen; but it would not burn either.
The plate fell from the hands of Athos whilst Raoul was endeavoring to make out the meaning of these dismal words.
In the abridged London edition of, there are plates of an alleged whale and a narwhale.
He took up his hat, and by this time 'Erb's wife had dished up the beefsteak and put on the table a plate of green peas.
As soon as she had done this, the frog said, 'Put your plate nearer to me, that I may eat out of it.
The majority of the guests were like the plate, and included several heavy articles weighing ever so much.
Just as a photographic plate receives a different impression of a cluster of stars when a telescope is part of the intervening medium, so a brain receives a different impression when an eye and an optic nerve are part of the intervening medium.
O Dives, who would ever have thought, as we sat round the broad table sparkling with plate and spotless linen, to have seen such a dish at the head of it as that roaring auctioneer?