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PLEXUSPhillips Laboratory Expert User System
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We will also have a free pre-release webinar of Plexus Design, a Plexus module for library enumeration and characterization on Thursday, 12th February, 10 am EST.
Figure 1 The probability (p) of an obstetrical brachial plexus palsy (obpp) is directly proportinal to the magnitude (m) and acceleration (a) of the stretching force, and the cosine formed by the vector of the stretching force and the axis of the most vulnerable brachial plexus merve bundle (cos of [theta] @ bp); and inversely proportional to the resistance (r) of the most vulnerable brachial plexus nerve bundle (n) and of the shoulder girdle muscles (mu), joints and bones (b) p of obpp = m * a * cos theta @ bp/r (n+mu+j+b)
Transmeta Corporation (Nasdaq:TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, today announced that Plexus Corp.
Plexus specializes in customer programs that require flexibility, scalability, technology and quality.
Our wireline customers have the Plexus 9000's Local Number Portability feature deployed in their networks today.
Plexus Systems welcomes technology and manufacturing professionals to attend the conference.
In addition, Telica will display their PlexView(R) Element Management System (EMS) which provides a powerful tool for provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting a network of Plexus 9000 switches.
Gillespie and Plexus Systems' growing Sales team will pursue new successes among manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace and defense industries, while maintaining a strong presence in automotive manufacturing, where the company has defined the emerging market for manufacturing performance systems.
The method (previously used to identify novel HIV antigens) is exclusively licensed to Plexus Vaccine Inc by the inventors.
Plexus Systems recorded revenue of approximately $22 million for the calendar year 2006.
Plexus Systems is driving widespread adoption of Plexus Online among the growing number of manufacturers based in the Southern and Midwestern regions.
Combined, SIGA and Plexus have the potential for becoming a significant force in the discovery of vaccine and pharmaceutical agents to fight emerging pathogens.