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PLOTSPassport Lookout Tracking System (US Department of State)
PLOTSPrivate Lands Open to Sportsmen
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It was on one of the couch-burning plots that she laboured with her fork, its four shining prongs resounding against the stones and dry clods in little clicks.
Hence as Tess stirred the clods and sang her foolish little songs with scarce now a hope that Clare would ever hear them, she did not for a long time notice the person who worked nearest to her--a man in a long smockfrock who, she found, was forking the same plot as herself, and whom she supposed her father had sent there to advance the work.
The plot of Rose to rob and abandon his countrymen when in the heart of the wilderness, and to throw himself into the hands of savages, may appear strange and improbable to those unacquainted with the singular and anomalous characters that are to be found about the borders.
That was all that anyone knew, nor did Lady Greystoke dream of the possible identity of the man at the bottom of the plot until her husband told her of the escape of Nikolas Rokoff from the French prison where they had hoped he was permanently confined.
I am conversant with the plot of those who took him.
Instantly he knew that he was the victim of a plot, and that far from rescuing his son he had himself fallen into the hands of his enemies.
DHA Islamabad's rates remained stable in January, with prices of 10-marla plots going up by 0.
With 4 days to go before the deadline ends, authorities have only managed to have less than 5 percent of the plots evacuated.
He also announced to hold a proper inquiry against the suspended officers for their alleged involvement in the allotment of over 100 plots in a dubious manner through corrigendum during the last four months.
Considering that cemeteries are still pieces of property, investing in plots is worth looking into.
Five of the mega industrial plots were in the industrial estates in Mirpur and Kotli for their being used against the basic spirit, police and rules set for the industrial estates in AJK.
Abdul Ghafoor had distributed 150 plots of 5 maral among the homeless people through balloting.