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PLUCKPolitically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers (System of a Down song)
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This sally (which was strictly founded on fact) was received with a general roar, above which, was plainly distinguishable the laughter of Mr Pyke and Mr Pluck, who were, evidently, Sir Mulberry's toads in ordinary.
The dinner was as remarkable for the splendour and completeness of its appointments as the mansion itself, and the company were remarkable for doing it ample justice, in which respect Messrs Pyke and Pluck particularly signalised themselves; these two gentlemen eating of every dish, and drinking of every bottle, with a capacity and perseverance truly astonishing.
The gallant colonel glanced at Messrs Pyke and Pluck as if he thought they ought to laugh at his joke; but those gentlemen, being only engaged to laugh for Sir Mulberry Hawk, were, to his signal discomfiture, as grave as a pair of undertakers.
Mr Pluck, who always came second, and topped his companion if he could, screamed outright.
I must admit when I go to Alberta each fall, my friends and I bring home a lot of skinned geese to be filleted at a later date because the generous limits allow us to take more than we could ever pluck on the spot.
Brush brows straight up, and pluck strays below our line.
Pluck stray quickly in the direction hairs that fall under brows not above, one at a Pluck a few time all the way across your brow.
I pluck them methodically and the whole process takes around half an hour.
Pluck a few hairs on one brow, then immediately copy what you've done on the other brow for a more even result.
Although his gun was damaged, Sergeant Pluck on his own initiative turned about and fired as best he could on the enemy guns and tanks.
Pluck seized on the opportunity to capitalize on Demand Media's resources and breadth of penetration.