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POBPoint of Beginning (land surveying)
POBPost Office Box
POBPlace Of Birth
POBPrinciples Of Business
POBParis Opera Ballet
POBPublic Oversight Board
POBProfessional Oversight Board (UK FRC)
POBPlastic Ono Band (John Lennon album)
POBPersons On Board
POBPatrick O'Brian (author)
POBProfessional Office Building
POBPension Obligation Bonds
POBPersonnel on Board
POBPrevention of Blindness
POBPilot on Board
POBPoint of Business (service management system)
POBPoint Of Banking
POBPsychological Operations Battalion
POBPassenger on Board
POBPhysician Office Building
POBPaper-Over-Board (type of book binding)
POBPublic Order Battalion (Iraq)
POBPop Off Boys (band)
POBPat on Back
POBPortable Oxygen Bottle (aerospace)
PoBPhenomena on Break (comics)
POBPoint of Breaking (applied solid mechanics)
POBParade Of Bands
POBProduct of Boredom (webcomic)
POBPatrol Observation Base
POBPhemas Of Beijing Company
POBProtected Outlet Box
POBPublication Orthopédique Biomécanique
POBPersistent Object Backend/Base
POBPercentage of Base
POBPoint of Blame
POBPedestrian on Bike
POBPremium Online Business (New York, NY)
POBPort of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
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com) is an international software company that specializes in service management solutions ranging from analysis, evaluation and optimization of existing service processes to implementation and training in customized standard application solutions based on POB - Point of Business.
Even though self-regulation has failed in some respects, as practiced by the POB it has, in my estimation, been a huge success.
Some, I am told, including members of the panel which the POB created at the behest of Chairman Levitt, entertain the notion that the board should be established statutorily and given powers to do things it cannot currently do legally; I have fought that.
The POBS demos (Les Portes Ouvert) were started in the '70s by previous director Claude Bessy, who, during the 30 years of her tenure, is credited with raising the level of training to one of the best in the world (see "Dance Matters," July 2003).
The POB was created expressly to oversee our self-regulatory activities.
Bowsher said that while the POB "is very sorry that it has lost the excellent services of Paul O'Neill, we were delighted that the President recognized his outstanding abilities in naming him Secretary of the Treasury.
When asked why she commissioned Brown, a staunch postmodernist, POB director Brigitte Lefevre replies, "She is a pioneer, not only physically but conceptually, too.
This panoply of dances provided the promising youngsters of the POB school, as well as the company's current stars and their former peers, with an opportunity to express their respect and admiration for their teacher.
However, in August 2000, before the study, POB etoile Aurelie Dupont made a public statement declaring that training at the Nanterre school was far from delightful.
Address comments to CC:DOM: CORP:T:R (Notice 96-64), Room 5226, IRS, POB 7604, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.
The POB and the Panel have both made recommendations on how best to enhance the effectiveness of self-regulation.
Of the names evoked to rise to the pinnacle of grandeur at the POB, hers never surfaced as a possibility.