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POLPetroleum, Oil, & Lubricants
POLPoint-Of-Load (DC/DC converter)
PolPolish (linguistics)
POLPlayonline (Square-Enix gaming server)
POLPrice Online
POLPort of Loading
POLPokémon Online
POLPost Office Limited (UK)
POLPlanet Online (Laos)
POLProblem-Oriented Language
POLPoint of Lay (poultry production)
POLPakistan Online
POLPoint of Lay (birds)
POLPsicologia Online
POLPolicy On Line
POLPrimerica Online
POLPresentation of Learning
POLPrest-O-Lite (gas fitting, ESAB)
POLPoint on Line (surveying)
POLCounter Pollution (on overtime forms)
POLPut on Left (propane valve)
POLPaulo Online
POLPhysicians' Online Network
POLProvisioning Object Library (Cisco)
POLPaints, Oils, and Lubricants
POLPuke Out Loud
POLPosition Organization Listing
POLPacket Over Lightwaves
POLPakistan Oilfield Ltd
POLPainting, Odd Jobs, and Landscaping
POLPakistan Oxygen Limited
POLProudman Oceanographic Laboratory
POLPrisoner of Love (song)
POLProfessional and Occupational Licensing (various locations)
POLPublic Officers Law
POLPrinciples of Learning (various organizations)
POLProof of Loss (insurance)
POLPhysician Office Laboratory
POLPathways of Light
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Pol Pot, now in his 70s and in poor health, was sentenced to life under house arrest after he lost a power struggle with Ta Mok.
The notion of continued revolutionary struggle after Pol Pot assumed power in Cambodia can be compared to the Cultural Revolution in China.
For instance, a POL that pays for CLIA inspections but is part of a Network going through NA also will have to pay JCAHO an additional POL fee if it is chosen for inspection.
For those POLs surviving the Stark amendment onslaught, the next hurdle is CLIA.
The tasks have been carried out with urgency since early 1988, when Pol Pot counseled his students to accelerate political warfare.
Sharif Brothers led government has once again made an attempt to wipe out the poor people from the picture, PTI rejects the current increase in POL prices and demanded the government to withdraw its decision immediately, he added.
Indeed, Short is at his best when describing the historic meeting between Pol and Mao in 1975, in which the chairman's elliptical way of speaking and implied meanings were all but lost on Pol in the translation from Mao's halting English into Khmer.
The Ministry of Tourism already has a master plan to make Anlong Veng, Pol Pot's grave, former Khmer Rouge leaders' houses and a re-creation Pol Pot's and Ta Mok's management of their last stronghold a living museum.
POL discovered oil at Karsal (1960) and Meyal (1968) in the Potohar Plateau and acquired additional concessions in the Potohar region, in middle and lower Indus Basin Sindh and Balochistan, recent discoveries by POL include Pariwali (1994), Pindori (1995), Minwal (1996) and Turkwal (1997).
According to a report Pol Pot is not on Cambodian territory," he said.
The trial of Pol Pot has brought back painful memories.