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PBPeanut Butter
PBPlumbum (Latin for the metallic element lead)
PBPolished Brass
PBPackard Bell
PBPunkBuster (gaming anti-cheat project)
PBPlayboy (magazine)
PBPaperback (book edition)
PBPacific Beach (San Diego, California)
PBPersonal Best (athletic record)
PBPrison Break (TV Series)
PBPitney Bowes
PBParaíba (Brazilian state)
PBPowerBook (Macintosh)
PBPowerbuilder (Sybase software development tool)
PBPeripheral Blood
PBPublic Bank
PBPlayed By (roleplay gaming)
PBPower Ball (lottery)
PBPhotobucket (online image hosting service)
PBPit Bull
PBPassed Ball (baseball)
PBPrivate Banking
PBPower Brakes
PBPacific Beach (California)
PBPandora's Box
PBPublic Broadcasting
PBPot Belly
PBPresident's Budget
PBPoint B
PBPetabyte (1,024 terabytes)
PBPocket Book
PBPost Box
PBParts Breakdown
PBPersonal Business
PBPresiding Bishop
PBPrussian Blue (ferric ferrocyanide antidote for Cs 137)
PBPrincess Bride
PBPush-button Switch
PBPrivate Business
PBPaint Ball
PBPage Break (proofreading; also HTML code)
PBPanera Bread (restaurant)
PBProfessional Bookkeeper
PBPry Bar
PBPerformance Bond
PBPoints Behind (hockey)
PBPyridostigmine Bromide
PBPrivate Brand
PBPrinted Board
PBPatrol Boat
PBParker Brothers (game company)
PBPeptide Bond
PBParticle Beam
PBPenalty Box (hockey)
PBPayback Period
PBPublication Bias
PBProgram Block
PBPlate Block
PBParsons Brinckerhoff, Inc. (engineering firm)
PBPaddington Bear (children's storybook character)
PBProject Book
PBPull Box
PBPatrol Bomber (US aircraft designation of WW II)
PBProportional Band
PBPlat Book
PBPelvic Bone
PBPrime Broker
PBPower Bomb (wrestling move)
PBPaddle Board
PBPhantom Brave (movie, gaming)
PBPage Buffer
PBProperty Book
PBPalladium Books (gaming company)
PBProgram Baseline
PBPulsed Beam
PBPoor Bugger
PBPhonetically Balanced
PBPepsi Blue (soft drink)
PBProject-Blue (GMod gaming clan)
PBPool Bottom
PBPneumatic Brake
PBPlug Board
PBPublications Bulletin
PBPost Boost
PBPensions Board
PBPrimary Branch
PBPersonal Base (station)
PBProduct Baseline
PBPass Balanced (Front Page Sports Football '95 et al)
PBPreppy Boy
PbProbability of Bit Error
PBPlot Bunny (fan fiction)
PBPhoton Burst
PBPacket Bus
PBPulau Bintan (Indonesia)
PBProductive Burp (post surgery)
PBPax Britannia
PBProbability of Blocking (data transferring)
PBPark Bravo (Turkey)
PBPolar Ball (game)
PBPharmacopoeia Britannica
PBPhunky Bitch (women's group)
PBPrivately Baptised (genealogy)
PBPersonal Barometer (domestic water consumption calculation application)
PBPryidostigmine Bromide
PBPredicted and Bi-Directional
PBPerkins Bacon, Ltd. (stamp printers, Great Britain)
PBPhysical Inventory, Beginning
PBPrefered Bidder (OJEU tendering process)
PBPro Baddies (World of Warcraft gaming clan)
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To learn more about polybutylene piping, contact experts at Barrhaven plumbing company, John the Plumber, by visiting their website at http://www.
Product Material Designation Polycaprolactone CAPA 680 (Solvay PCL Polyester amide BAK 1095 (Bayer) PEA Polybutylene succinate/adipate Bionolle 3000 (Showa) PBSA Polybutylene adipate co Easter Bio Copo 14766 PBAT Terephtalate (Eastman) Product Density [T.
Polybutylene pipe was a new type of plumbing product when it first came on the market in the 1970s.
Shell has never believed its polybutylene resin is defective or is responsible for any problems that may have been associated with polybutylene plumbing systems," a statement says.
However, polybutylene is best joined with a heat fusion device, which literally welds plastic fittings to the pipe.
Complete report on polybutylene terephthalate market spread across 96 pages, analyzing and profiling 19 global and Chinese PBT manufacturing companies and supported with 50 charts is now available at http://www.
They bond securely to thermoplastics such as polybutylene terephthalate and polycarbonate without the need for adhesion promoters.
A newly launched line of colorants and additives was developed specifically for use in biodegradable polymers such as polylactide (PLA), polyhydroxybutyratevalerate copolymer (PHBV), polybutene succinate (PBS), polybutylene adipate co-terephthalate (PBAT), and starch blends.
They're also going to start producing Sorona polymer with Bio-PDO; this engineering plastic is said to have performance and molding characteristics similar to polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and can be used for various automotive components.
This same study also found that copper has significant antibacterial advantages over polybutylene tubing and stainless steel in cool potable 'soft' waters.
Plumbing Express is one of the nation's leading polybutylene remediators, with more than 8,000 completed repipe jobs.
It is an important intermediate chemical for tetrahydrofuran and polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), polyurethane (PU), and other solvents.