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PYPython (file format/extension)
PYParaguay (IAO country code, top level domain)
PYProgram Year
PYSpray (METAR obscuration)
PYPyridine (chemistry)
PYPoka Yoke (Japanese: Mistake Proofing)
PYPrior Year
PYPlanning Yard (US Navy)
PYPart Year
PYPangYa (MMO game)
PYProject Yes (various organizations)
PYPete Yorn (musician)
PYPayroll Accounting
PYPersonnel Year (education)
PYPatient Year
PYPhysical Year
PYPhoenix Yellow (Acura Integra Type R color)
PYPlanning Year
PYPromotion Year
PYPatrol Vessel, Yacht (US Navy)
PYSurinam Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)
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Local minimum: create a polygon node and assign the local minimum to the vertex list of the polygon.
In this paper, we propose a more flexible mesh division scheme, which adopts polygon mesh to classify cognitive information of entire area.
The path of the ball in many cases forms different types of polygons.
Suggested answer: Moving in one direction along the outside of the polygon, extend the sides with a straightedge until you've got rays large enough to measure with a protractor.
Today, Polygon Plaza is leased to a mix of small and mid-sized tenants, including many long-term occupants.
Polygon provides property damage restoration and temporary humidity control solutions in Europe.
In the WATCHMAN ROUTE problem, introduced by Chin and Ntafos [5] the task is to find a shortest closed path [pi] from a given starting point through a polygon P such that every point of P can be seen from some point of [pi].
The elegant and simple algorithm in Shamos' thesis [1], showing that the diameter of a convex n-sided polygon may be computed in O(n) time in the worst case, resembles rotating a pair of calipers through 360[degrees], once around the polygon.
Following the transaction, the business' entities will operate as two new divisions of William Lyon Homes under the Polygon name, one in Washington with a core market of Seattle, and the other in Oregon with a core market of Portland.
The students were free to start with any polygon on the handout and work through.
Smaller polygon-shaped bodies are found elsewhere on Mars, but these are best explained by thermal contraction processes similar to those in terrestrial permafrost environments and not likely to form larger polygons.