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POPPAPolice Organization Providing Peer Assistance (New York, NY, USA)
POPPAPet Over-Population Prevention Advocates, Inc. (Beaverton, OR)
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Poppa always preferred the name Kris Kringle rather than the newer term, Santa.
Poppa asked me a few weeks back if I would ever consider public office.
The driving force and personality behind Big Poppa Smokers is president and CEO, Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball, Music Man fame.
In it, Poppa explains the ins and outs of traffickers' "plaza system": A local leader is selected to be in charge of a territory and buys protection from law enforcement through bribes; any other smuggler must pay the leader for permission to use the routes that run through his territory.
We are the battling bastards of Bataan, No mama, no poppa, no Uncle Sam.
Alena's Poppa has lost her favorite thing, but he can't quite remember what it is, and asks his daughter to help him find it.
But two days before her birthday, her poppa gets into a terrible car crash.
Poppa, president and CEO of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of New York, said he would be surprised if the change in governors led to "any wholesale changes.
This has got all the big tracks on it like, Big Poppa, Juicy, Nasty Girl plus two previously unreleased tracks Running Your Mouth and Want That Old Thing Back.
In developing media relations, companies need to underscore brand attributes, said Ansis Vallens, Signals and Strategies, Dick Poppa, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, right center, offered insights into reaching independent agents.
Poppa juega aqui sobre los distintos (no)diagnosticos que le han dado, para poner entre parentesis aquel que intenta descartar: 'Puede girar un poco, ligeramente, en torno a la psicosis'.