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POPSPOP (Post Office Protocol) Secure
POPSPoints of Presence
POPSParachutists Over Phorty Society (skydiving organization)
POPSProject Operations
POPSProbability of Program Success
POPSPower of Positive Students (est. 1981)
POPSPartners of Prisoners and Families Support Group (UK)
POPSProblem Oriented Public Safety (Washington State Patrol)
POPSPortable Organ Preservation System
POPSPeriodically Oscillating Plasma Sphere (Inertial-Electrostatic-Confinement Fusion Device)
POPSPacific Okinawa Players
POPSPortland Oregon Paper Shapers (origami group)
POPSPeople, Organizations, Projects, Skills (US NASA)
POPSPower Over Polio Support
POPSPACI Online Proposal System (Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure)
POPSPeople Observing People's Safety (behavior-based safety program)
POPSPaperless Ordering Procurement System
POPSPhilharmonic Orchestra/Philharmonic Symphony
POPSPort Operational Performance Simulator
POPSPrimary Ocean/Oceanographic Prediction System
POPSPyrotechnic Optical Plume Simulators
POPSPlain Old Provisioning System
POPSPartitioned Operations Storage (Nortel)
POPSPerceptions of Parents Scale (psychology)
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Since the debut of the Quick Pop Maker in 2009, Zoku has let fly with two extensions to the line: the Duo Quick Pop Maker, with a more compact design than the original; and the Single Quick Pop Maker, which makes Quick Pops one at a time.
The Pop Pals brand is currently licensed to Price Products, LLC and is being distributed by Everest.
Lickety Sip Ice Pop Makers: The flat rounded molds produce a traditional homemade shape reminiscent of the Tupperware safety ring pops of yesteryear.
Both sucrose and fructose are substrates for oral bacteria; therefore, regular pops are potentially cariogenic.
x] (1991, 1999), VOCs (1997, 1999), heavy metals (1998), POPs (1.
As with POPs, increasing comonomer (VA) content correlates with decreasing crystallinity, increasing oxygen transmission, and lower melting point, seal initiation temperature, and modulus.
Many countries have already banned the production and use of some of the POPs, but the resistance of these compounds to breakdown and their propensity to evaporate and settle out hundreds or thousands of miles away (SN: 7/15/95, p.
For over 40 years, Astro Pops have been a favorite among people all over the world.
Bookended by contrasting photos of traditional and of trendy London, her copy celebrated casinos, nightclubs, writers, filmmakers, actors, designers, and pop stars, offering a handy map of metropolitan pleasure palaces like Tiles, The Scotch of St.
Kids' products, the hottest part of the market, tempt children 2-7 to eat 19 frozen pops per year, while youngsters 8-12 ease off a bit with only 13 confections, notes Arnie Schwartz, vice president, NPD Group in Chicago.
Kristen Kuliga, VP of Paid celebrity services, said, "Keith's work has caused interest in the Boston Pops and this musical genre to soar.
Just watching the corn pop is a show in itself, he said.