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PORTAPend Oreille River Tourism Alliance (Newport, WA)
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Modern design is a trend that continues to grow in popularity and we see Porta Forma as a tremendous way to leverage that interest and further expand Cornerstone's successful home category.
when the mercury goes up to 40- 45 degree Celsius, the porta cabins become extremely uncomfortable and uninhabitable.
The Little Daddy's Porta Jon is in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
the porta Nuova development is financed by intesa san paolo, Unicredit, hypothekenbank frankfurt, Banca popolare di milano and monte dei paschi di siena.
Porta Reef features an array of amenities such as a swimming pool with a sea view, a Jacuzzi and two gyms.
Porta Castell ensures that orders are processed faster, with improved lead times for trapped key interlocks and Salvo products; products can be despatched within seven days.
The units, which are spread among Porta Reef's three towers, will serve to bolster Ahad Holdings' expanding portfolio of luxury freehold property, which already includes the upscale Le Reef low rise towers, also located on Reef Island, and other properties at Venice Promenade.
Porta Reef is a three-tower project of Abu Dhabi Investment House located on Reef Island in Bahrain.
The rope, tied to both Shah and Porta at the moment they were officially wed, represented their new bond.
The $34 million Porta Reef Fund was incepted during the last quarter of 2007 to finance the $90 million exclusive Porta Reef development.
According to ADIH plans, Porta Moda Marrakesh, which was launched on Wednesday, is expected to be followed by other projects of similar concepts in Tunis, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and India.
Porta Moda Marrakesh is the first project of the company in North Africa.