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POTPlan de Ordenamiento Territorial (Spanish: Zoning Plan; various nations)
POTPatients Out of Time
POTPlane of Tranquility (Everquest game)
POTPublic Off Topic
POTPoint on Tangent
POTPositional Orthostatic Tachycardia (syndrome)
POTPickle Onion Tomato
POTPlan of Test
POTPre-Overhaul Test
POTPlenty of Torrents (website)
POTPenalty Overtime
POTPort of Transshipment (shipping)
POTPortable Operators Terminal
POTPurchase Order Text (government procurement)
POTPhysician Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPharmaceutical Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPennsylvania-Ontario Transportation Company
POTPercent Off Tariff
POTPower-On Test
POTPurchase Order Tracking
POTPages of Testimony
POTPost-Operative Treatment
POTPlan of Treatment
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint Template (file extension)
POTPerformance Oriented Training
POTPotion (gaming)
POTProof of Technology
POTPremium Overtime
POTPeak of Tension (polygraph testing)
POTPrinciples of Technology
POTPosition of Trust (Australia)
POTPoint of Transaction
POTPoint of Tangency
PoTPower Over Time (gaming)
POTPolska Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
POTPart of Term (education)
POTPrince of Tennis (anime)
POTPort of Toledo
POTPort of Tauranga (New Zealand)
POTPlain Old Telephone (service)
POTPlenty of Time
POTPoint Of Termination
POTPolskiej Organizacji Turystycznej (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
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The "no load" guitar potentiometer is designed with a long-wearing insulator and a positive action detent for improved reliability.
Not only were we able to produce the only series of Trimmer Potentiometers to date that could withstand high temperature re-flow soldering, but the PVG3 series also features a sealed construction which protects the internal portion from dust and liquid - ensuring stable performance.
In the opposition method the two cells to be compared are connected in series with their emf's opposing each other, and the two free terminals are joined to a potentiometer with which the small difference between the two emf's is measured.
UK based Mantracourt is a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies and a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electronics for measurement technologies, including strain gauge, temperature, resistance, pressure, voltage, current, potentiometer, rate, flow, LVDT and displacement in either analogue, digital or wireless form.
As a pricing reference, the Model 3547 3-turn and Model 3548 5-turn precision potentiometer with slip clutch option is priced at $16.
A rotational potentiometer was placed in-line with the hinge joint and used to measure ankle motion within the device (Figure 1).
Model WV438 is powered by a flexible 9 to 30 VDC and is field configurable via DIP switches for any three-wire potentiometer input from 100W to 100kW.
This slim, user-installable module includes programmable PID constants and deadband (which the controller ignores to prevent overcontrol) and three output functions: motorized potentiometer or time-proportional relay contact, 0-10 v analog, and digital serial output to a drive control.
NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced the MCP4341, MCP4342 (MCP434X), MCP4361 and MCP4362 (MCP436X) quad digital potentiometers.
H-1200 Guitar Potentiometer Design Kit - Premium and Vintage Models including Model 95 and Model 82 guitar pots
In converting six of its different trimming potentiometers to surface-mount models, Bourns says, it needed a material that was flame-resistant in addition to being able to withstand the high temperatures involved in attaching the potentiometer to the board.