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PDLPopolo Della Liberta (Italian: People of Liberty; political party)
PDLPremier Development League (sports)
PDLPreferred Drug List
PDLPage Description Language
PDLPremier Development League (North American Soccer)
PDLPerl Data Language
PDLPower Door Locks
PDLPeriodontal Ligament
PDLPartidul Democrat Liberal (Romanian: Liberal Democratic Party)
PDLPolarization Dependent Loss
PDLPoundal (unit of force in the foot-pound-second system)
PDLPropositional Dynamic Logic
PDLPregnancy Disability Leave
PDLPonce de Leon (NASA)
PDLProgram Description Language
PDLPersonal Distribution List
PDLPopulation Doubling Level (biology)
PDLPositioning Data Link (GPS)
PDLPage Definition Language
PDLProcess Design Language
PDLPonta Delgada, Azores Islands, Portugal - Nordela (Airport Code)
PDLParty of the Democratic Left
PDLPacte des Loups (movie)
PDLPoint Defense Laser (TV Show Andromeda)
PDLPermanent Duty Location
PDLProgram Determination Letter (US Department of Education)
PDLPetroleum Development Laboratory (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
PDLPass Down the Line
PDLPortable Data Logger
PDLPreliminary Design Language
PDLPosition Description Library
PDLPaddle Subsystem
PDLPrice to Be Determined Later
PDLProgrammable Design Language
PDLSolar Array Paddle Subsystem
PDLPurification Development Laboratory
PDLPilot Decision Logic
PDLPlutonium Discard Limit
PDLPhotodissociation Dye Laser
PDLPower Divider Lock
PDLProject Document List
PDLProgram Direction Letter
PDLParts Design List (used in aerospace by mechanical designers and engineers)
PDLPrimary Distribution List
PDLPost Deployment Leave
PDLPure Divine Love
PDLPeripheral Diagnostics Language
PDLPure Diffuse Link
PDLParameter Download
PDLProgram Design/Decision Language
PDLPre-Distortion Linearization
PDLPackage Definition Language (computer programming)
PDLPublic Disclosure Law
PDLPunch Drunk Love (movie)
PDLProfessional Development Leave
PDLPulsed Dye Laser
PDLPlastic and Die Casting Ltd. (est. 1947)
PDLPersonal Development Leadership (various organizations)
PDLPrescription Drug List (US FDA)
PDLProvisional Driver's License
PDLPurpose Driven Life (book by Rick Warren)
PDLPrinter Description Language
PDLPublic Distribution List
PDLProcess Definition Language