pralPrincipal (Spanish addresses, first or second floor of a building)
pralPotential Renal Acid Load
pralPeter Robson Architects Ltd. (UK)
pralPakistan Revenue Automation Limited (est. 1994)
pralPublic Relations Association of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)
pralPeace River Associated Libraries (Canada)
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Zafar Abdullah congratulated the teams of SECP, FBR and PRAL on putting in exhaustive efforts to develop the system.
Zafar Abdullah congratulated the teams of SECP , FBR and PRAL on putting in exhaustive efforts to develop the system.
Additionally, dietary PRAL and maximal exercise RER were inversely correlated (r = -0.
19 ABL, Anal fin bases length; AFL, Anal fin length; BD, Body depth; CFL, Caudal fin length; CPD, Caudal peduncle depth; CPL, Caudal peduncle length; DBL, Dorsal fin bases length; DFL, Dorsal fin length; ED, Eye diameter; HL, Head length; IW, Interorbital width; PFL, Pectoral fin length; PrAL, Preanal length; PrDL, Predorsal length; PrOL, Preorbital length; PrVL, Preventral length; PVL, Pectoral-ventral length; SL, Standard length; VFL, Ventral fin length.
Briefly, a multiple PCR was carried out using primers PrAl and P-rA2, which target a highly conserved 425-bp region of the recA gene of genus Acinetobacter, and a second pair of primers P-Ab-ITSF and P-Ab-ITSB, used to amplify an internal 208-bp fragment from the ITS region of A.
16) Rozhovor s MT, dagestanskym privrzencem salafisticke ideologie, ktery si pral zustat z bezpecnostnich duvodu v anonymite.
Ademas, en la "Sala pral al jardin"--quiza tambien con funciones de comedor, sala de estar y dormitorio--, el escribano habia colocado "dos canapeses de paja que forman uno con seis asientos", fabricado en haya y pino y "dado de color de cafe", evaluado en 44 reales (45).
The First Circle Award is the most prestigious honor PRAL can bestow upon one of its members.
As well as the crane division we also have pral an engineering supply shop on the site supplying everything from tools, workwear, pe sonal protection equipment to janitoria products and a training centre which has als won a large order to carry out much of th training for the new intake of SSI employee SSI coming to the UK and taking over Coru has made a huge difference to businesses an people in the Teesside area and we woul like to thank them for the opportunities an the business which they have given to ou company.
El Rector de la Universidad ha solicitado se pase a ella la piedra encontrada en las excavaciones de la Plaza pral.
The FBR and its IT team PRAL has failed to ensure that all the payments and returns filed are correctly reflected in its database.