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PRAMParallel Random Access Machine (informatics)
PRAMPhase-Change Random Access Memory (non-volatile computer memory)
PRAMParameter Random Access Memory (memory used in a Macintosh with a battery to retain system information)
PRAMPipelined Random Access Memory (Distributed Shared Memory)
PRAMProductivity, Reliability, Availability & Maintainability
PRAMProgrammable Analog Module
PRAMPipeline Risk Assessment Method
PRAMPsychiatric Residents Association of Manitoba
PRAMProbabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology
PRAMPropelled Rocket Assisted Mine
PRAMPerinatal Research, Audit and Monitoring
PRAMPreliminary Reports of Aircraft Mishaps
PRAMPassenger Reservation Army Management System
PRAMPre-Recorded Announcements and Music (aviation)
PRAMParents, Resources and More
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They didn't leave a loan pram so I had to spend PS100 on a buggy.
I appreciate that health and safety and even red tape does have a role in modern society but the idea of banning prams from a building designed to support parents and children is simply crazy.
India, China and Russia have witnessed major changes in their demand patterns for baby care products and are expected to be the next destinations for all major global players in the Global Baby Stroller and Pram market.
They took the pram back to their Rhoose home and the next day took it to the Mamas and Papas store in Leckwith in Cardiff.
When I outgrew the pram, I traded it in for a white pressed tin, pedal powered police car.
When the broken PS30 pram arrived, Carolyn decided that the best way to know how to repair it and customise it with ladybird spots was to take it to pieces.
Expertly handmade in Yorkshire, the Balmoral is the ultimate classic pram with beautiful detailing including hand painted body, hand stitched fabrics and finished in a high-gloss.
He parked up close to the kerb, ready to lift the pram straight into the boot without trouble.
The world-famous firm teamedup with bespoke pram makers Silver Cross to design the Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition, complete with the car company's iconic 'spread wings' logo on spoked wheels.
Each pram will come with its own certificate of authenticity and an engraved brushed chrome plaque to confirm that it is one of a limited edition.