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PREFPolish Real Estate Federation (est. 1995)
PREFPulse Repetition Frequency
PREFPriest River Experimental Forest (Rocky Mountain Research Station; Moscow, ID)
PREFParis Real Estate Finders (Paris, France)
PREFPacific Renewable Energy Fund (Micronesia)
PREFPooled Real Estate Fund
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combine a "pdu" prefix and "#" between the fourth and fifth characters of the product code.
Modified prefix tree stage produces the final carry from the partial sum, carry and added signal.
This comes as a result of the high demand on our attractive mobile offers and services which consumed 80 per cent of the existing prefix 055.
These pairs differ from all of the examples discussed above because the element added to the second word is not a prefix with an identifiable meaning, but instead a sequence of letters that is coincidentally identical to a negatory word.
WebUIT uses the radiation testing and tracking system SN prefix for deriving NSNs.
IndieClick President Heather Luttrell complimented Prefix on their incredible growth over the past year.
For those who already have toll free numbers, a new prefix allows for competitors to capitalize on the success of expansive branding efforts.
The specific aims were to: (a) compare the age and gender distribution in the various subpopulation of interest; (b) describe the incidence of NPDs and the co-occurrence of NPD-associated prefix categories in each of the broad stroke subtypes; and (c) determine the distribution of length of stay (LOS) and the incidence of in-hospital deaths in the cohorts without and with NPDs and in the various prefix categories.
The cost-cutting switch was achieved by simply swapping the 0845 prefix with 0345.
Greenberg then conjectures that the tendency for assimilation to be anticipatory conspires against prefixes: "Once prefixes are established, the mechanism of various assimilative changes based on anticipation will result in what was originally a prefix, with a single fixed form, assuming various special alternants.
The answer to this problem combines the deficiency of inflectional endings, unstableness of the ga-/ge- prefix and a productive prefix system in Old English and German.