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PREFPolish Real Estate Federation (est. 1995)
PREFPulse Repetition Frequency
PREFPriest River Experimental Forest (Rocky Mountain Research Station; Moscow, ID)
PREFParis Real Estate Finders (Paris, France)
PREFPacific Renewable Energy Fund (Micronesia)
PREFPooled Real Estate Fund
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The disadvantage of adding the cyclic prefix is the information loss from the reduction of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) due to bits lost in the location of the added part of the symbol, as shown in equation (2).
2) Given an increase in correct responding on the prefix word assessment as a result of morphemic prefix instruction, to what extent do middle school students with learning disabilities increase the number of correct responses to questions on a sentence comprehension assessment?
Phrase searching syntax can be used with both types as long as the in prefix has no space after the colon.
to NAICS have series identifiers that begin with the prefix "pcu.
Based on a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the IP domains, we propose three heuristics, Prefix Index Cutting, Prefix Length Cutting, and Bit Partition.
in abstract contexts (10) meaning 'allude', and combines with the prefix na- to form the perfective naciljati 'take aim'.
The department is not saying whether the HIX prefix should come before the metal level prefix or if the metal level prefix should come before the HIX prefix.
To benefit from this tariff, the same 0902 prefix should be used instead of the usual 00 international dialling code, the statement said.
In the resulting ia:s there is a relic of the pronominal prefix *hra- in the vowel a, but the verb root *-k- has disappeared entirely.
Officials said the 052 prefix will be launched in the first quarter of 2012.
The new prefix code, granted by the Telecommunications
The new prefix code number was granted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, or TRA.