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RXRadix (Latin: Root; derivation of prescription)
RXReaction (medical)
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RXRadiation Experiments
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rxRotary Experimental (Mazda model/engine)
RXUS Revenue Distilled Spirits (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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Haasfurther, has charge now of our prescription department," was the answer.
You are one of the drugs in the moral prescription.
The following prescription has become famous in text books:
The person principally assistant on this occasion, indeed the only one who did any service, or seemed likely to do any, was the landlady: she cut off some of her hair, and applied it to the wound to stop the blood; she fell to chafing the youth's temples with her hand; and having exprest great contempt for her husband's prescription of beer, she despatched one of her maids to her own closet for a bottle of brandy, of which, as soon as it was brought, she prevailed on Jones, who was just returned to his senses, to drink a very large and plentiful draught.
I must make a prescription that is to be called for soon.
I've prescribed you for a patient, and he's sent me to get the prescription filled," announced the doctor.
And what causes the doctor, when ailing, to send for his rival, and not sit down and examine his own tongue in the chimney Bass, or write his own prescription at his study-table?
Sandon was a large enough place to have a grocer's and druggist's shop in it, and thither the Count went to write his prescription and to get the medicine made up.
In less than half an hour the breathing of Esther became so profound, and, as the Doctor himself might have termed it, so very abstracted, that had he not known how easy it was to ascribe this new instance of somnolency to the powerful dose of opium with which he had garnished the brandy, he might have seen reason to distrust his own prescription.
Prescriptions poured in from all quarters, and as usual, were all declined.
Well," he added after he had dosed them round and they had taken his prescriptions, with really laughable humility, more like charity schoolchildren than blood-guilty mutineers and pirates--"well, that's done for today.
The physician, seeing the incontestable improvement, returned to Blois, after having ordered some prescriptions, and declared that the comte was saved.