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RXRadix (Latin: Root; derivation of prescription)
RXReaction (medical)
RXResources Exchange
RXRecipe - Take
RXRadiation Experiments
RXReparable Exchange
rxRotary Experimental (Mazda model/engine)
RXUS Revenue Distilled Spirits (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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The physician followed my example--after having written his soothing prescription, and having been grossly insulted by the local practitioner's refusing to make use of it.
He wrote a prescription, gave instructions, and left.
Wrench, said that the symptoms yesterday might have been disguising, and that this form of fever was very equivocal in its beginnings: he would go immediately to the druggist's and have a prescription made up in order to lose no time, but he would write to Mr.
But, instead of acting up to the doctor's prescription, Rosa, after having satisfied herself that her father was still unconscious, approached Cornelius and said, --
There was but one prescription for such a condition, and I gave it to myself--the adventure-path.
The following prescription has become famous in text books:
Wilkins' prescription, but you will remember that I mentioned an empty box of bromide powders.
In less than half an hour the breathing of Esther became so profound, and, as the Doctor himself might have termed it, so very abstracted, that had he not known how easy it was to ascribe this new instance of somnolency to the powerful dose of opium with which he had garnished the brandy, he might have seen reason to distrust his own prescription.
Prescriptions poured in from all quarters, and as usual, were all declined.
Physicians' prescriptions carefully prepared," and all the rest of it.
Ben Allen being accommodated with a funnel with a cork in the narrow end, and Bob Sawyer contented himself with one of those wide-lipped crystal vessels inscribed with a variety of cabalistic characters, in which chemists are wont to measure out their liquid drugs in compounding prescriptions.
The reason these drugs require a prescription is that they are powerful medications," says Wilson Compton, MD, director of the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research, at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).