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PRSRTPresorted (US Postal Service)
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We are excited to offer businesses a new way to create awareness for their products and services and to build their brand by including their logos and images on presorted First-Class business mailings," said Ken McBride, Stamps.
Scrap suppliers," he said, "many be required to supply presorted scrap to eliminate hazardous wastes that may be delivered to foundries.
In addition to capitalizing on Quad-enabled workflow management tools such as Impoze for the planning, manufacturing and distribution of its magazines, and DBLonline for the online approval of plate-ready files, Rodale benefits from the printer's comprehensive Multi-Mailing program, which generates significant postal savings by combining the mailstreams of several different publishers into one large mailstream presorted for postal efficiencies.
The mail automation software offers increased efficiency, lower postage costs and improved security for large, presorted mailings.