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PRISMPartnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine
PRISMParameter-Elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model (climatology)
PRISMPediatric Risk of Mortality
PRISMPublishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata
PRISMPartnership for Research in Spatial Modeling
PRISMPortable, Reusable, Integrated Software Modules
PRISMPortable Reusable Integrated Software Modules
PRISMProgram of Resources, Information and Support for Mothers (BioMed Center)
PRISMPRInceton Scorekeeping Method
PRISMParallel Reduced Instruction Set Multiprocessing
PRISMParameterized Real-Time Ionospheric Specification Model
PRISMPhotorefractive Information Storage Materials
PRISMPassive Radar Identification System
PRISMProgrammed Integrated System Maintenance
PRISMProcess Industries Safety Management
PRISMPower Reactor Inherently Safe Module
PRISMPhoto Reconnaissance Intelligence Strike Module
PRISMPacific Roundtable on Industry, Society and Management (University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC, Canada)
PRISMProperty Registration Information System Module
PRISMParanormal Researchers in Southeast Michigan
PRISMProgrammed Research Information System at Michigan (University of Michigan)
PRISMPlanning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management
PRISMProject to Redesign Information Systems Management
PRISMProject Risk Identification, Selection, and Management
PRISMProgramming Remediation and Intervention for Students in Mathematics (Canada)
PRISMPartnership for Research in Information Systems Management
PRISMPharmacy Related Information Storage Method
PRISMPreservice Research Institute for Science and Mathematics
PRISMProject to Revolutionise Information Systems and Management At UCT (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
PRISMPersonnel Requirements Information System Methodology
PRISMPrioritized Requirements, Impacts & Schedule Milestones
PRISMPersonnel Record Information Systems for Management (UK)
PrISMProgram for Information Storage and Management
PRISMPerformance of Routine Information System Management
PRISMPrisoner Rights Information System of Maryland, Inc.
PRISMProvider Requirements Integrated Specialty Model (military healthcare system)
PRISMPromotion Recommendation & In-Board Support MIS (Management Information System)
PRISMProject Resources Information System for Management (USACE)
PRISMPersonnel Resource Information System for Managers
PRISMPride Raising Awareness Involvement Support Mentoring (Arkansas)
PRISMProgram for Integrated Sonar Modeling
PRISMProgram Reliability Information System for Maintenance
PRISMPointed Rotating Imaging Spectroscopy Mission
PRISMPassport Records Information System Management (US Department of State)
PRISMPerformance Resource Information System for the Millennium
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Prism Software is an authority in high-volume, high-speed print stream management, data translation and network connectivity for printing and electronic document production.
Today's document refers to comments received in response to two exposure drafts, 'Exposure Draft: Defining Available Capital for an Insurance Company in Prism' and 'Exposure Draft: Prism - Insurance Rating Calibration Measures' published in July 2006.
The response during the Prism beta-testing has exceeded our expectations," said Keith Buckley, Group Managing Director and global head of insurance for Fitch.
Lorraine Keating, president of Prism Visual Software said: "MiniMate[TM] is our intuitively designed tool for any distribution company that operates with pre-order/delivery, route sales or equipment service and repair.
With the integration of SpeedNews' highly complementary commercial, military and corporate aviation products, we will be able to provide our combined customers with a broader array of aviation information and marketing services," added Shawn Etheridge, senior vice president, Information Data Products for Prism.
This 'beta' version of Prism, now available for life and non-life insurers in the United States, allows insurers to examine preliminary results of how they would perform under Prism, and what their capital requirements may be at various ratings thresholds.
Every month, PRISM analyzes pharmacy claims data and identifies patients whose prescription regimen can be made more cost efficient.
With the integration of BAS' highly complementary products, we will be able to provide our combined customers a broader array of information and marketing services," added Shawn Etheridge, vice president, Information Data Products for Prism Business Media.
Having New Boundary Technologies incorporate our technology into Prism Suite solidifies Express Metrix' leadership position in offering the best IT asset management technology available on the market today," said Kris Barker, CEO of Express Metrix.
Group Mackenzie, a regional architecture and engineering firm serving the Pacific Northwest, served as one of more than 70 Prism Suite beta test sites and was impressed by the solution's focus and flexibility.