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PROCPeople's Republic of China
PROCPeace/Rights Organized Committee (Berkeley, CA)
PROCPeoples Republic of Cork (Ireland)
PROCProcedure Code
PROCPrecompiler in C
PROCPuerto Rican Operations Center (US DoD)
PROCProgrammed Random Occurrence
PROCProposed Required Operational Capability
PROCPrice Rate of Change (finance)
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Regardless of everything but my own sorrow, I remained in the Ti for several hours, until shouts proceeding at intervals from the groves beyond the house proclaimed the return of the natives from the beach.
Moy's modesty proving to be quite immovable, Sir Patrick ended it by opening the proceedings.
Moy could say a word in answer, Arnold centred the general attention on himself by suddenly interfering in the proceedings.
With submission, Sir Patrick, to your better judgment," he said, "this young gentleman's proposal seems to be a little out of place at the present stage of the proceedings.
You have yourself described the proceedings as representing an informal inquiry.
A man of Sir Patrick's experience must have known that Arnold's mere assertion of his own innocence could be productive of nothing but useless delay in the proceedings.
I have not the least objection to meet your views--on the understanding that I am permitted to return to the proceedings as interrupted at this point.
The longer Sir Patrick's irregularities delayed the proceedings, the more irresistibly the plain facts of the case would assert themselves--with all the force of contrast--out of the mouths of the witnesses who were in attendance down stairs.
When the America Invents Act (AIA) was enacted, many commentators praised a provision of the AIA that allows parties to settle a post-grant review, typically an inter partes review (IPR) or a covered business method review (CBM), by moving to terminate the proceeding.
812 (2000)), the item exception permits disclosing tax information about taxpayers who participated in substantially similar transactions promoted by the same promoter, provided the nonparty taxpayer information relates to the resolution of an issue in the taxpayer's proceeding.
This is an administrative proceeding pursuant to the Federal Deposit Insurance Act ("the FDI Act") in which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the United States of America ("OCC") seeks to prohibit the Respondent, Brian Bonetti ("Respondent"), from further participation in the affairs of any financial institution based on actions he took while employed at National City Bank, Cleveland, Ohio (the "Bank").
The injunctive proceeding has never been an ideal mechanism for the SEC to enforce securities laws against accountants the accountants are entitled to wide ranging discovery and are subject to limited remedies.
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