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PROCPuerto Rican Operations Center (US DoD)
ProcProgrammed Random Occurrence
PROCProposed Required Operational Capability
PROCPrice Rate of Change (finance)
PROCPeoples Republic of Cork (Ireland)
PRoCPeople's Republic of China
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This feature allows for larger shots and enables tight control of the metal temperature required for SSM slurry processing.
As more and more work history is applied to the rubber, a greater reduction in the uncured elasticity also occurs which contributes to better downstream processing.
Specifically, between August 13th and November 30th 2001, we processed 883 cases with an average processing time of seven days.
Determine which level of service is required - In some instances, a basic level of application maintenance and inquiry support is sufficient; in others, customers expect BSP to deliver full transaction processing or process management.
Recognizing its processing times as unacceptable, the agency enlisted the Graduate Studies Division of the University of South Florida in Tampa to analyze its application and hiring procedure.
By eliminating these components at each processing stage, line capacity can be increased by a factor of two or even three.
Forecasts wholesale payments processing IT spend by region until 2009, with spend broken down by source, activity and countries.
While this processing type provides greater process flexibility by allowing each batch of castings to be moved freely through any sequence of operations, this concept should be practiced only with lowest volume castings.
These challenges for in-house solutions typically lead to processing delays, costly exceptions, cumbersome re-bill and re-submission processes, onerous filing and storage requirements, and increasingly complicated regulatory and compliance processes, Provo commented.
Some foundries do not consider processing equipment because they perceive that capital costs are high.
Using an open-architecture approach, components of Modcell Advanced Systems are designed to be integrated with each other, as well as with other types of processing equipment.
Real Capital chose Appian Enterprise to enable its migration from a paper-based to a fully automated system for processing loan requests.
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