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PKPenetrating Keratoplasty (also seen as PKP)
PKParadise Kiss (comic)
PKPeninjauan Kembali (Indonesian: judicial review)
PKPääkirjasto (Finnish: main library)
PKPunto Kilométrico (Spanish)
PKPaardekracht (Horse Power)
PKPosta Kutusu (Turkish: Post Office Box)
PKPulemyot Kalashnikova (Russian machine gun)
PKPlayer Killer/Killing (used in multi-player games)
PKProcureur des Konings (Belgium, Crown Public Prosecutor)
PKPersonenkennzahl (German)
PKPoistumiskielto (Finnish)
PKProduct Knowledge meeting (Home Depot training)
PKProspect Keeper (church software)
PKPeasant Kill (Utopia gaming)
PKPower Kill (Lineage 2 gaming)
PKPunt Kick (football)
PKParkour (extreme urban sport)
PKPressekonferenz (German: press conference)
PKPallati I Kongreseve (Albanian: Palace of Congresses)
PKPain Killer (band and medicine)
PKPhil Katz (inventor of ZIP data compression)
PKProduct Knowledge (retail)
PKPyruvate Kinase
PKPeople Killer (gaming)
PKPeaceable Kingdom (movie)
PKPink Sheets (stock symbol)
PKPorcine Kidney
PKPlayer Killing (gaming)
PKPublic Key (cryptography)
PKPromise Keepers (Christian Men's Organization)
PKPeace Keeper (Farscape)
PKPakistan (Including Jammu & Kashmir)
PKPastor's Kid
PKPeacekeeper (missile)
PKPenalty Kick (soccer)
PKPenalty Killing (hockey)
PKPlacekicker (football)
PKPosition Keeper
PKPreacher's Kid
PKPrimary Key
PKProbability of Kill
PKPakistan International Airlines (IATA airline code)
PKPetroKazakhstan Inc.
PKPeacekeeping (various organizations)
PKPersonal Kill(s) (Lineage 2 game)
PKPoint Known (surveying)
PKPublic Knowledge
PKPossum Kingdom (Texas)
PKPourquoi (French: Why)
PKPikachu (pokemon TV show)
PKPickoff (baseball)
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We also use the Texas information Procurement Services to assist in identifying procurement requirements.
To further assist European higher educational institutions, SciQuest hosted a webinar series earlier this month to offer insight into a more inclusive model of procurement that helps universities meet needed change.
Tackling e-procurement is one step in the re-visioning of the procurement department, and it's one that often requires incredible investments of money and know-how up front.
Deidre Lee, director, defense procurement and acquisition policy (DPAP), is the chair of the AGB.
Specifically, the evolution of government procurement practices has likely impacted consolidation within the defense industry.
The MTA's procurement department has handled $386 million in transactions this fiscal year, including consulting contracts, bus purchases and small-ticket items.
Other major topics to be considered include whether public bodies' investment and utilisation of electronic procurement tools has plateaued.
Submission of a bid, proposal or response for a procurement contract is clearly exempted, as are the submission of written questions (e.
The university's procurement history is available in the Banner application for the purposes of reporting, with specific details of transactions being housed in the SciQuest product.
Using that logic, the procurement community believed that the micro-purchase agent was breaking down, more commonly referred to as splitting, similar PWB procurements to keep the individual procurements under the $2,500 threshold.
Editor's note: To view the attachment, visit the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Web site at <http://www.
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