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PRDGPhipps-Rose-Dattner-Grimshaw (architecture firm; New York)
PRDGPolyhedral Reduced Dependence Graph (parallel programming)
PRDGProfessional Development and Growth (human resources)
PRDGProfessional Role Development Guide (trademark of Role-Based Practice Solutions)
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It gloomed, it loomed, it was something, it was somebody, the prodigy of a personal presence.
Immediately I classified him--a sort of prodigy, I thought, a Blind Tom** of the working class.
I'd like two shillin' better," the prodigy answered, after some thought.
Mr Folair having obligingly confided these particulars to Nicholas, left him to mingle with his fellows; the work of personal introduction was completed by Mr Vincent Crummles, who publicly heralded the new actor as a prodigy of genius and learning.
Verily, a prodigy is this power of praising and blaming.
Billy queried, striving to get some inkling of the identity of the physical prodigy.
On this occasion Mr Barnacle was not engaged, as he had been before, with the noble prodigy at the head of the Department; but was absent.
Under Slim, Prodigy first announced that it would shutter its proprietary AOL-like content service--due to Y2K problems according to the official line--and concentrate on providing Internet service and a web portal.
A management buyout of Prodigy had been expected for weeks.
With PLS's technology, PRODIGY members will be able to search for specific information using simple English commands.
Selected especially for the proven scalability of its high-bandwidth media delivery network and comprehensive reporting tools, VitalStream enables fast downloads of Prodigy MSN's (http://prodigy.
The PRODIGY service is America's most popular interactive network, connecting people with personal computers to a wealth of news, reference and other information that can be customized to meet their particular needs.