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PXPost Exchange (US Army base retail store)
PXPressure (engine)
PXPart Exchange (UK automobile advertisements)
PXPrimary Index (File Name Extension)
PXPraxair, Inc (stock symbol)
PXPhysical Examination
PXPower Exchange
PXPedro Ximinez (sherry grape variety)
PXProcessing Index
PXPenreverse (Hyper Logo command)
PXPhoto Exchange
PXProduct Exchange
PXPhysical History
PXPlatform Express (Mentor Graphics software)
PXAir Niugini, Papua New Guinea (IATA airline code)
PXPibb Xtra (soft drink)
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Ever since the Medicare hospice benefit was established, "terminally ill" has been defined as "having a medical prognosis that the individual's life expectancy is six months or less.
With Prognosis for Contact Center we get full real-time visibility into the diversity of applications and infrastructure that support those interactions.
Access to Prognosis with a new web interface is simple from any modern browser, or from the iOS app -- Prognosis First Responder.
Understanding how changes in those relationships affect breast cancer prognosis is the focus of the team's future research.
The prognosis for patients with liposarcoma can be correlated not only with histology but also with the site of origin and the size of the tumor at presentation.
Applicants may focus their center on any human disease or dysfunction provided there is adequate justification for the role of primary environmental stressors in influencing disease etiology, progression, prognosis, or population distribution.
For Integrated Research, this represents an exciting new distribution partnership with France Telecom and Equant, and adds a significant new win for PROGNOSIS in the aviation industry.
The mainstay of the vendor's business is around its core Prognosis transaction monitor that competes against products from BMC Software Inc and Mercury Interactive Corp.
PROGNOSIS will be used to monitor real-time WMSCR system metrics, such as CPU processes and process availability, along with all the circuits on the X.
Because until the state's leaders begin acting responsibly, the state's budget prognosis isn't going to get any brighter.
Following a panel presentation of the synopsis of Diary of a Madman by one group of students, the second group developed a case for an appropriate diagnosis, clinical picture, etiology, and prognosis for Axenty Ivanov by documenting key indicators on a flip chart.
Women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) whose serum HER-2/neu levels periodically fall below 15 ng/mL have a significantly better prognosis and longer overall survival than those with continuously elevated levels of HER-2/neu in the blood, according to a study presented at the recent 38th Annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Orlando.