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PXPost Exchange (US Army base retail store)
PXPrefix (Morse Code abbreviation)
PXPressure (engine)
PXPart Exchange (UK automobile advertisements)
PXPrimary Index (File Name Extension)
PXPatient Experience
PXPraxair, Inc (stock symbol)
PXPhysical Examination
PXPower Exchange
PXPedro Ximinez (sherry grape variety)
PXProcessing Index
PXPenreverse (Hyper Logo command)
PXPhoto Exchange
PXProduct Exchange
PXPhysical History
PXPlatform Express (Mentor Graphics software)
PXAir Niugini, Papua New Guinea (IATA airline code)
PXPibb Xtra (soft drink)
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IFP revised its September estimate chiefly based on current tax and levy revenues, as well as a new macroeconomic prognosis.
More than 1000 organizations in over 60 countries -- including some of the world's largest banks, airlines and telecommunications companies -- rely on IR Prognosis to provide business critical insights and ensure continuity-critical systems deliver high availability and performance for millions of their customers across the globe.
1 Information on the patient's prognosis is necessary to prevent unnecessary drug use.
Tang led a team of researchers from Chang Gung University and Soochow University in Taiwan who questioned 247 terminal cancer patients on their knowledge of their condition and prognosis.
sup][4] From the previous studies, Class I and IIa of glomerular lesions had a good prognosis, and Class IIb or higher classes had a poor prognosis, so that we speculated that the progress from Class IIa to IIb might be a significant watershed to the prognosis of DKD.
Under the contract, Medical Prognosis Institute will use its Drug Response Predictor platform technology to identify a predictive biomarker specific for Alion's lead ion channel inhibitor, and the developed biomarker is to be used to select and enrol likely-responder patients in a Phase I trial for the drug.
The Prognosis solution is already in successful implementation with a number of large enterprise customers and leading Service Providers.
The above examples clearly illustrate the significance of assessing miR-125b levels in determining the prognosis in a number of systemic malignancies.
Fitch maintained Macedonia's credit rating at BB+ and gave a positive economic prognosis.
Nowadays was created the large number of program products accelerating the process of application of these methods and allowing making selection of the most significant model of prognosis.
One of the major problems with prostate cancer is that, with today's prognosis markers, some 70-80 percent of patients wind up in a group where very little can be said about their prognosis.
In another survey undertaken by Fine, Fontaine, Kraushar, and Rich (2005) of 100 patients with chronic kidney disease, the researchers found that 97% of respondents wanted prognostic information and more than 50% of the respondents stated they needed to know their prognosis on dialysis.