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While there are examples where proprietary interfaces became the de facto standard for interoperability, it is not common.
Proprietary services collect and generate information and hold chat forums that are available only to those who pay monthly subscription fees.
An intranet is a corporate network proprietary to a corporation that uses the same communications protocols, standards, and technology that define the World Wide Web, over the Internet.
Justice Simmeon Golar ruled that the provisions of Real Property and Proceedings Law of New York [sections] 753(4) superseded the "conditional limitation" provision of the proprietary lease.
Univestin is a proprietary blend of two individual ingredients - flavans extracted from Acacia catechu and free-b-ring flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis.
The move away from proprietary platforms and technology to industry and open standards is meeting new cost, efficiency and flexibility requirements of CIO/CTOs today.
1 service, in the past expressed confidence that its proprietary model would continue to be attractive.
Management often defines proprietary data incorrectly-either by omitting details on the data package itself or in any literature about the data or by failing to provide complete information to those who have access to it.
Agensys' portfolio of cancer targets and capabilities in generating and developing antibodies combined with Seattle Genetics' proprietary ADC technology provides both companies with potential product opportunities across a variety of cancers, in particular for solid tumors where ADCs may provide the strong potency necessary to treat these aggressive diseases," said Clay B.
Until then, present XML-based form solutions are proprietary in nature, and organizations must be aware of this when selecting an XML/eForms product.
A proprietary low voltage nanotube electron emission control system.
Cephalon will pay an up-front fee of $18 million to Ambit for access to Ambit's proprietary KinomeScan technology.