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PTYPrivate (South Africa)
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PTYPseudo Terminal
PTYPretty Young Thing (song)
PTYProprietary Limited company (Australian legal business structure)
PTYPseudo-Terminal Utilities
PTYPanama City, Panama - Tocumen International Airport (Airport Code)
PTYPolyester Texturized Yarn
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Cleaning Chemicals, Proprietary Additives & Others Markets
Potential products, which address markets in excess of US$1 billion, currently under development include improved formulations of important biologicals including EPO, G-CSF, insulin and Interferon-alpha based on Lipoxen's proprietary PolyXen(r) technology.
Because storage was embedded within tightly coupled and proprietary computing platforms, customers who wanted to pursue new storage applications had two options: live with what they had, or call the original vendor to develop yet another proprietary solution.
Proprietary funds, on the other hand, can afford insurers and the fund's board of directors "a clear and obvious role" in running the fund, said Reilly.
In addition if the proprietary lease did not contain a termination provision for objectionable conduct, Section 711 would apply and proof would have to be presented to the court of objectionable conduct by competent evidence.
LEADS customers have in-house access to this platform, gaining the capability to analyze their own databases in conjunction with Compugen's proprietary data and public data.
Alexandra Glickman, a member of the city's appointed Charter Reform Commission, said the city's proprietary departments should remain independent and continue as self-sufficient enterprises, separate from the city's general fund.
These Intranets are based on widely-available technologies designed for the Internet, not proprietary software designed for a relatively few customers.
Specifically, the new statement requires that, for current refundings and advance refundings resulting in debt defeasance reported by proprietary activities, the difference between the reacquisition price and the net carrying amount of the old debt be deferred and amortized as a component of interest expense in a systematic and rational manner over the remaining life of either the old or new debt, whichever is shorter.
Univestin is a proprietary blend of two individual ingredients - flavans extracted from Acacia catechu and free-b-ring flavonoids from Scutellaria baicalensis.
While there are examples where proprietary interfaces became the de facto standard for interoperability, it is not common.
Proprietary services collect and generate information and hold chat forums that are available only to those who pay monthly subscription fees.